Winter Tires & Storage

Looking for a place to store your tires in Calgary?

Putting winter tires on your Lexus doesn’t mean it’s time to get rid of your all-season tires. Calgary winter tires are ideal for temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, but you’ll want to put your all-season tires back on in the spring. When it’s time to switch tires, just bring your Lexus in and we take care of the rest. It couldn’t be more convenient.

Lexus Tires Calgary

Lexus Tires Calgary

The longer you store, the better deal you receive.

One season is equal to six months. If tire storage is no longer needed from a pre-paid account, the remaining amount will be refunded based on the number of seasons used.

Contact the service department for full details.

2019 Lexus Tires Fall Winter

(1 season = 6 months)

Winter tires are designed with softer rubber compounds that remain flexible in colder temperatures. A deeper, specially designed tread keep away ice, snow, mud, and water to give you more traction.

Lexus Tire Offers Specials Promotions

Lexus Tire Offers Specials Promotions

See the Difference Lexus Winter Tires Can Make

To show you what a huge difference winter tires make, we put two professional drivers in two identical Lexus NX models—one with winter tires and the other with all-season-tires—on three different snow covered courses. Our drivers put their skills to the test to show the difference winter tires can make on your Lexus’ performance.