Why Buy Lexus Demo Cars in Calgary?

We take pride in our selection of new Lexus models, but we don’t talk enough about our demo Lexus cars!

Purchasing an executive demo Lexus car or SUV is a great opportunity for you to get the Lexus you’ll love at lower price. We explain further what a demo car is and why you should consider buying  a demo car from us.

What Is a Demo Car? 

A demo vehicle is a new vehicle that is on display at our store. Our Lexus demo cars help show our customers how the Lexus they’re interested in will run.

Since these vehicles are available for test drives they come with kilometers added on. Even though the odometer isn’t set at 0, the new Lexus cars still come with very low kilometers and are in great condition. 

5 Reasons to Buy a Lexus Demo Car from Us

Besides our discounted selling prices, here are five other reasons why buying Lexus demo cars from us is a smart decision. 

1. Receive a new car warranty.

Even though these luxury cars and SUVs come with kilometers, we offer our customers new car warranties. Our Lexus financial staff can help put together a special financing plan for you.

2. You can trust us. 

When you purchase a demo car, we recommend you buy from a Calgary dealership you can trust. As a family-owned business, we value our customers and have the experience to help you find the best demo Lexus to meet your needs.

3. Our new Lexus demos are lightly driven. 

We are accountable for each vehicle in our inventory.  All of our Lexus demo cars are well-maintained and have a clean history.

4. Get the latest technology while saving money. 

You’ll be able to enjoy advanced safety and technology features that new 2018 Lexus models offer at a reduce price!

5. You receive VIP service. 

We offer legendary VIP services to all guests that purchase a new Lexus or pre-owned vehicle. While we take care of your Lexus, we’ll take care of you too! Here’s how you can experience VIP service treatment.

Explore our Entire New Lexus Demo Inventory

Our executive demo cars are a great opportunity to get into a new Lexus car or Lexus SUV at an incredible price! Visit us today or explore our entire new Lexus demo selection online. Book a test drive with us whenever you’re ready.