Where Your Lexus RX Can Take You In Calgary

Meet Lori Andrews, an interior designer & photographer right here in the heart of Calgary. We’re big fans of her work and excited to take you on a virtual tour of some of her favorite places in downtown Calgary.

Her vehicle of choice is the Lexus RX. Being a designer and photographer, she required an exquisite aesthetic to match her taste. But it’s not all about looks.  Many of Lori’s favorite places to take photos are more remote and she needs a vehicle that can get her there safely–especially in the cold and snowy Canadian winter.  Only the RX could bring together design and function like this.

Watch the video to see what Lori is all about, then continue reading to see where her Lexus takes her in Calgary.


A Modern Touch

Whether she’s looking for herself or for a client, the first place Lori goes to get inspiration is Kit Interior Objects. Her favorite objects to browse? Mid-century modern chairs. She’s admits she’s a little obsessed.

The RX is the perfect luxury SUV for her, with room able to fit all  her gear and with plenty of room to spare for when she finds the perfect chair to complete her design.

Where to Find Coffee in Calgary

The place Lori goes most often to relax or find inspiration is a hidden gem in the heart of Calgary, Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters. This local favorite is known for its  fantastic coffee, warm atmosphere and exceptional service.

Phil and Sebastians now has five unique locations throughout Calgary,  an expanded delicious food menu and they also host classes and events for the serious coffee enthusiast.

A New and Thoughtful Neighborhood

Calgary is not very old, so Calgary is in a unique place, where we can create a city that isn’t constrained by the past. Lori Andrews

The new East Village project is a rare development. It’s a brand new neighborhood being developed right in the middle of downtown, built thoughtfully with sustainability in mind.

It’s brand new–making fresh new residential complexes available and features two kilometers of RiverWalk, innovative urban parks. It’s also timeless, with carefully-restored historic buildings recalling to Calgary’s heritage.

Modern, Timeless, Adventurous

Only the Lexus RX can bring together design and function like this, creating the perfect machine to bring you  everywhere you want to go in luxury, style, comfort, and safety. Find and customize your RX today.