What We Know About the Next Generation 2019 Lexus ES

Lexus drivers, there is a new sedan on the way that is set to redefine luxury. The seventh-generation Lexus ES will be here soon, and we want our Calgary guests to be the first to know what to expect.

With a new chassis, more space and better noise-control, and the first ES F SPORT, the 2019 Lexus ES is already making a big impression.

We take a look at the Design & Style, Performance & Handling, and Comfort, Technology, & Safety of the new model. This is what we have been waiting for.

Design & Style

The most important update and key element of the seventh-generation ES is the new Global Architecture – K (GA-K) platform, allowing designers to create a totally new look.

In the Front

This includes updates of the signature grille. Similar to the LC and LS, the 2019 ES grille has unique characteristics such as a vertical grille pattern and satin plated trim. If you opt for the F model, you will be making first impressions with a  mesh patterned-grille with black finish and dark trim.

The new ES’ slim headlamps and optional triple bean headlights refine the look with three compact LED projector units. The standard model has a single LED projector beam which retains the signature L shaped lights.

A Look at the Back

As we walk alongside the new sedan toward the rear, we see that the new platform offers a low hood line that smooths into the low and sleek roofline, and continues into a clean and chiseled rear. The LED tail-lamps wrap around the quarter panels and sit confidently above the lower valence, tastefully accented by chrome exhausts at each corner. 

On the F SPORT, we see a sleek spoiler on the trunk lid hinting at the performing power of the ES, complemented by dark accents on the taillights and lower valence.

Performance & Handling

The goal: The team behind the updated ES sought to completely transform the performance of this model, creating a comfortable and quiet sedan into one capable of dynamic handling.

The solution: Enter a newly developed GA-K chassis.

Built on high grade steel, this front-wheel drive has more structural adhesives than the previous ES model – more than twice the amount, solidifying the chassis. And if you thought the previous ES model was quiet, just wait until you experience the silence of the 2019. The floor pan is covered in 25% more sound deadening insulation than before, and the Ultra Luxury and F SPORT models have performance dampeners which reduce vibration.

A Redesigned Suspension

The 2019 ES looks to deliver even more precise handling along with its familiar comfort, resulting in some changes to the suspension design.

In the front, the ES engineers made some revisions to improve straight line stability and incorporated new Dynamic Control Shocks, which respond to even the smallest of movements. The rear suspension contributes to precise responsiveness as well, thanks to updated placement of a trailing arm setup that helps dampen road irregularities.

ES drivers will also notice more precise steering on this model, due to the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system that’s mounted directly on the steering rack, unlike its predecessors.

Experience More Power

For the Lexus drivers who love hearing about what is under the hood, here are the highlights of the 2019 ES:

  • 3.5-litre V6 engine with the D-4S fuel injection system
  • 302 horsepower and 267 lb.-ft. of torque (up 34hp and 19 lb.-ft. compared to the previous V6 engine)
  • all-new 8-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission

If the ES 300h is more your style, here are the stats on the new, 4th generation Hybrid Drive System:

  • 2.5-litre, 4 cylinder gas engine
  • 215 total horsepower and 5.3L/100 km city/highway combined
  • 20 additional horsepower and 12 more lb.-ft. of torque than the previous model

Comfort, Technology, & Safety

Lexus drivers already know to expect ultimate comfort inside the vehicle, and it is no surprise that comfort has been taken a step further in the 2019 ES.

Space Inside the Cabin – No Matter Where You Are Sitting

This year, ES drivers will relax even more naturally behind the wheel thanks to an updated steering wheel angle, revised pedal positions, and 10-away adjustable front seats.  The ergonomic steering wheel is familiar, as it is borrowed straight from the LS and also offers an optional wood trim and heating elements (a must for Calgary winters).

Despite the sleeker roofline of this next generation ES, the rear passenger space remains expansive, promising comfort to passengers throughout the vehicle. In fact, designers even managed to increase headroom this time around. 

Of course, our Lexus vehicles haul around our stuff just as often as they transport our people. Because of the reconfigured rear suspension mentioned above, there is  even more cargo room than in the previous model. How does 16.7 cubic feet of trunk space plus underfloor side pockets sound?

What to Expect with the Tech

Lexus owners love to stay connected, and the new ES provides safe and convenient ways to do that.  The new ES is the first of Lexus vehicles to offer Apple CarPlay ™, allowing drivers to control their iPhones through the display screen or with voice control. 

Speaking of the display screens, all of the main information displays are placed within the driver’s line of sight. This includes:

  • the LCD instrument panel with a large tachometers, digital speedometer, and multi-information display
  • a 7-inch screen on the standard models and 8-inch on the F SPORT with a movable center ring (similar to the LC model)
  • the optional 10.2-inch windshield-projected display to reduce driver distraction
  • the expansive Lexus Multimedia System with touchscreen and high quality display

Safety Comes Standard

As the most important element of any vehicle, it is always exciting to see Lexus’ improved safety features. We will start with what has not changed.

All versions of the 2019 ES come standard with the Lexus Safety System+ 2.0, a sophisticated system with a wealth of capabilities, such as the enhanced Pre-Collision System which detects oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists with a camera’s sensor sensitivity and dynamic range. Also still available as part of the LSS+ 2.0 is the Lane Departure Assist, which alerts the driver when a vehicle is straying out of its lane.

As far as the new safety features, the new generation of the ES boasts a Lane Tracing Assist system as part of the LSS+ 2.0. This system is similar to the LDA and detects lane markings to determine lane position.

ES engineers also enhanced the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control System as part of the LSS+ 2.0, providing a smoother acceleration and braking in heavy traffic.

Be Safe, Comfortable, & Stylish in a 2019 ES

When you drive off our Calgary lot in the seventh-generation Lexus ES, you will be in a unique and luxurious sedan that is rarely found in this segment. We want our guests to be the first to make a statement in Calgary with the 2019 Lexus ES, so you can customer order your new ES even before inventory hits the floor.