What is the All-New Lexus RZ?

Brace yourselves for the first-ever fully electric Lexus—the All-New Lexus RZ. This luxury electric SUV embodies a sleek, futuristic look and packs a truly exhilarating driving experience. As the first BEV (battery electric vehicle) in its class, the RZ represents the beginning of an environmentally sustainable line of luxury vehicles that will drive us into the next generation of automotive accountability and comfort. Here’s what we know about the Lexus RZ so far…

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The First Fully-Electric Lexus

As Lexus launches onto the forefront of BEV-centred vehicle manufacturing, the RZ will roll into the public eye this year. This SUV will include all the Lexus features drivers have come to expect from the luxury brand along with several new innovations for a better ride and a big step toward a carbon-neutral automotive landscape.

Signature Performance + Electrified Experience

Rather than outfitting a preexisting Lexus with a BEV platform (in this case, the e-TNGA) the RZ has been designed and built around such a platform–fully embracing the BEV concept and execution. A brand new powertrain system, the DIRECT4, has been created specifically for the RZ in order to take advantage of a dual-motor setup to harness 308 horsepower. The DIRECT4 system responds and adjusts to the smallest changes in all driving and road conditions for a smoother, more controlled, and highly responsive drive.
In addition to the new DIRECT4 platform, the RZ also comes standard with a steer-by-wire system for even more responsive handling and stirring ride.


Next Level Design

At first glance, the Lexus RZ may not even register to onlookers as an SUV. A sleek, streamlined exterior shape creates an immediate vision of athletic prowess and efficiency. Lexus’s “Seamless E-Motion” BEV concept is captured perfectly in the cutting-edge floating roof, ducktail spoiler, razor headlamps, and an optional yoke steering wheel.
The interior of this next generation SUV embraces a cleaner interface and minimalist style. While this likely sets the stage for more tech and toys in the near future, it seems Lexus is launching its new BEV line with a simpler, more user-friendly baseline.

Luxurious & User-Friendly Technology

A minimalist command centre design consolidates many of the pushbutton features and amenities of previous hybrid models into one massive 14-inch infotainment touchscreen (with optional voice command technology). The driver-centered console is also equipped with a standard head-up display, along with both wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. This infotainment system is also equipped with OTA (over-the-air) capability, implying there will be more exciting technology and software updates to come when this SUV drops.


The team at Lexus of Calgary are thrilled to be part of the next step toward carbon-neutrality with our line of hybrid Lexus vehicles and now the first-ever fully electric BEV—the Lexus RZ. If you’d like to learn more about this revolutionary new addition to the Lexus family, come visit us, Calgary’s original Lexus dealership since 1990. At Lexus of Calgary, we believe that luxury vehicle ownership begins as soon as our guests walk through the door.