Top 5 Uses for a Lexus Dash Cam

The Lexus Dash Cam, the newest addition to the Lexus accessory line, attaches unobtrusively to the top of your windshield and records continuous video while you’re driving – whether that’s your daily commute or your wild Alberta adventures.

Kasia explains the great features of this exciting new accessory, which include:

  • Full HD 1080p Dash Camera with audio recording
  • Surveillance and Incident Recording
  • GPS sensors to capture position and speed

We understand that with any exciting new piece of tech, you may want to do some research before making the purchase. You may even be asking yourself – although it sounds really cool, is it practical? When would the recorded video be useful?

Here are the top 5 uses for a Dash Cam that you may not have thought of!

5 Uses for the Lexus Dash Cam 

1. Capture your Canadian adventures

Capture your Canadian adventure with the Lexus Dash Cam

Nothing can quite capture the beauty of places like Banff National Park, but the Dash Cam’s HD 1080p video gets pretty close.

Have you ever thought about duct-taping your Go-Pro to the hood of your car as you glide through the winding roads of our national forests? 

Now you don’t have to risk it. If you’re someone who already captures all of your outdoor escapades with your Go-Pro, phone, or camera, the Lexus Dash Cam and its Adventure Mode is a great addition to your video arsenal.

Your social media or vlog followers will certainly wonder how you got those incredible shots!

2. Be equipped with video proof in the event of a collision

The Dashcam will record the events of a collision

The Dash Cam is equipped with Incident Recording Mode, which senses when a vehicle is approaching you and begins recording.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and people aren’t always willing to admit fault. If you find yourself in a sticky situation following a collision, the video that’s automatically saved with GPS location, speed, and G-force details could really get you out of a legal bind.

While we certainly hope you don’t find yourself in this predicament, you’ll be happy to have the Dash Cam footage if you do.

3. You may see who bumped, dented, or vandalized your Lexus while parked

Parking surveillance mode on the Lexus Dash Cam

Again, we hope this doesn’t happen to your vehicle in Calgary, but it’s always good to be prepared.

The Dash Cam has Parking Surveillance Mode, which means that if someone bumps your Lexus – even while it’s turned off and parked – the camera will turn on and record for 60 seconds following the incident. 

If the culprit walks by the front of the vehicle in view of the dash cam, you won’t have to wonder what caused that new dent – whether it’s someone being careless in a parking garage, or one of your kids not being careful with their hockey sticks in the driveway!

4. Jog your memory if you can’t remember how you got somewhere

5 Uses for a Lexus Dash Cam in Calgary

Your Dash Cam footage could come in handy when you’re exploring an unfamiliar city or lose something (or someone).

“Which intersection was I at when I saw that Italian restaurant?” “What exit did I take to end up here?” “I thought Grandma was in the car, but she’s not! Where were we when she got out?”

You never know.


5. Keep an eye on your teenage drivers

Keep your teen drivers safe with the Lexus Dash Cam

The Dash Cam can give you piece of mind if you have kids driving around Calgary.

You’ll be able to check in on the footage and see if they drove safely, followed traffic laws, and acted courteous to other drivers. This is  also a handy way to always keep an eye on where they went!

Order a Lexus Dash Cam Today

The Lexus Dash Cam is available on the following models:

To order your Lexus Dash Cam, please contact us online or call us at (403) 250-4931. You can certainly stop in to Lexus of Calgary to try it out for yourself first!