Three Benefits of Buying a Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

If you are in the market for your next luxury vehicle, you might be wondering whether to buy new or used. Should you go with the latest, greatest model with all the bells and whistles? Or should you choose something pre-owned and more cost efficient?

While there are certainly advantages to buying a brand-new car, you can have a nearly-new Lexus with a lower price tag when you buy a Lexus Certified Pre-Owned (LCPO) vehicle.

But, it is not just about the cost difference between a new and used car or SUV.  There are a handful of other benefits to purchasing a LCPO vehicle.

1. The Same Peace of Mind of a New Lexus Purchase

In order to qualify for LCPO status, a Lexus vehicle undergoes a rigorous  127-point examinationThis process ensures that everything in the pre-owned vehicle looks, feels, and performs as originally intended. 

In addition, our technicians obtain a CarFax® report for each LCPO vehicle that arrives at our Calgary store.

Our goal is to ensure that when you get behind the wheel, you will feel as if you are in a brand new Lexus – with the exception of a few kilometres on the odometer, of course!

2. All of the Same Ownership Benefits as New Buyers

Whether you purchase new or Certified Pre-Owned, you are a valuable Lexus of Calgary guest.

What do these benefits include?

To start, Lexus Canada offers an array of reward and partnership opportunities to Lexus drivers, such as the High Performance Driving Program, hotel offers,  Lexus plant tours, and more. You can learn more about these opportunities here.

The list gets even better right here in Calgary, thanks to our exclusive Lexus of Calgary VIP services All of our guests – LCPO owners included – enjoy many perks of calling our dealership home:

  • In-house nail salon
  • Barista bar
  • VIP events
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Lexus loaner vehicles
  • and more!

3. Fairly Priced Pre-Owned Vehicles

When you buy a LCPO vehicle, not only will you know that it meets the safety and performance standards of a new Lexus, but you can also be confident that  is it priced fairly.

We accomplish this using online technology to provide a current market analysis allowing us to maintain a competitive advantage.

While many dealerships force you to fill out a form with personal information to receive a Car Proof, you will see on our website that we fully disclose all of our Car Proofs at the bottom of each vehicle page. We hope that this will allow you to have as much information as quickly as possible to make an informed decision.

Consider Certified Pre-Owned

With their like-new condition, transparent pricing, and the owner benefits that new Lexus buyers enjoy, a Lexus Certified Pre-Owned vehicle may be the perfect choice for you.

When you stop by Lexus of Calgary to get behind the wheel of a LCPO vehicle, we also offer a  ten  day or 1,500 km exchange privilege, complimentary full gas tank and oil change, and Lexus Financial Service options.

Interested? Request an At Home Test Demonstration today.