The Lexus Driving Experience Program with Dave Piket

It can be easy to take basic driving skills for granted.

After years of driving, we tend to become complacent and overly comfortable behind the wheel. When this happens, our lack of alertness and awareness can sometimes lead to an accident.

For these reasons, we established the Lexus Driving Experience Program for you when you purchase a new Lexus car or SUVfrom your local Lexus dealer in Calgary.  Please read on to learn more about the program and our expert instructor, Dave Piket from the Eye Q International Driving Program!

Lexus of Calgary Driving Program by Dave Piket

Dave Piket’s driving program aims to equip both new and experienced drivers with tools they need to anticipate all areas of risk before an accident occurs.

“I witness a lot of “aha moments” when I reintroduce drivers to basic driving principles,” explained Dave.

With every lesson, Dave personalizes the experience to the driver’s comfort level and set of skills. This programs allows you to optimize your driving knowledge and improve upon the basics you already know or may have forgotten.

“The program enables Lexus clients to understand situational awareness better and achieve their goals faster on the road. Every driver learns how to effectively use their eyes in a natural way to become aware and know when something is going to happen before it does.”

Topics will include things like how to set up your vehicle for your comfort level while driving, how to optimize your visibility during day and nighttime driving, and how to increase enjoyment and performance on the road.

Dave has developed a unique skill set that specializes in spatial cognition and situational awareness. His courses feature a unique training program that brings people into heightened state of awareness and vigilance as they go about their daily activities. After taking his training course, you will gain knowledge of performance and safety.

3 Levels of Lexus Driving Experience Program

Dave’s course is divided into three different levels.

First, a Lexus customer will begin with Level One to cover a few basics. Level One  entails a personal conversation with Dave to determine where you are at with your driving abilities. Dave listens carefully and discusses with you what your concerns, fears, and needs are while on the road. He will also go over a few basic vision exercises to help you be more aware of your surroundings.

“You develop a significant understanding of your surroundings. Then, you learn what technology is there at your disposal to improve the drive further.”

After Level One, comes Level Two. Here your awareness skills are put to the test as you learn how to effectively control your new Lexus car or SUV. This level session will help you understand your Lexus better and what  technology is available to you. You will also learn what the car is communicating to you while you’re driving your Lexus in Calgary.

Then, in Level Three, Dave will take you through a variety of different driving conditions to familiarize yourself with different terrains so you know how to drive your Lexus effectively on each. This is where your decision making skills and cognitive abilities will come into play.

“The goal is to help you experience the perfection of your Lexus vehicle at every turn.”

After your time with Dave at the Lexus Driving Experience Program, you will notice an increase in your driving confidence  and develop a stronger knowledge of your new Lexus!

About Dave Piket

Dave Piket is an enthusiastic motivational educator who delivers meaningful, real world results. With 35 years of experience in multiple fields, Dave is an accomplished professional educator with a background in  car racing, driver education, hockey, bobsleigh, luge, ski racing, and instruction.  In addition, he has 21 years of hands on experience as a professional coach for elite levels of athlete development, athlete motivation, and team management experience.

Driving Sessions Come With Purchase of New Lexus in Calgary

When you purchase a new Lexus car or SUV from us, we include a Lexus Driving Experience session with Dave. That way, you gather expert tips from a class that focuses on how to be more aware behind the wheel of your new Lexus.

Browse our new Lexus inventory online and let us know if you have any questions!  To develop a better understanding of how the technology in your Lexus works, please see our Knowledge Centre for helpful videos and tips.