The 2016 Lexus RX Is Finally Here In Calgary

We just received the first 2016 Lexus RX this past week. It’s polished and ready to hit the streets of Calgary! The vehicle that defined luxury SUV is back with a bold new edge for 2016. This forth generation of the RX takes design to a whole new level. This is not just a car you’ll love to drive; this is a vehicle you’ll love to be seen driving.

The fully redesigned exterior is sharp and sporty, alluding to the new power tucked under the hood. The 8-speed automatic 3.5 L V6 engine delivers an explosive 295 HP. This power comes without compromise, coupled with increased noise reduction, road noise and vibration supression and enhanced fuel economy.

This marvel of engineering uses a mere 12.2L/100KM city, 8.9 highway. For even greater fuel efficiency, upgrade to the 450h to take full advantage of Lexus advanced hybrid technology stretching fuel economy to 7.7/8.2 L/100KM.

The 2016 Lexus RX is more than an eye catching powerhouse. To experience the RX is to experience luxury. The interior is fully redesigned to be as intuitive as it is beautiful. Everything is where should be, easy to use naturally without distracting you from driving.

The cockpit features Bluetooth and USB comptability, pushing your music through the 12-speaker surround sound system, effortlessly controlled on the 8-inch display or upgrade to Lexus largest color Head-Up Display yet: the 12.3-inch color organic TFT multi-information display.

Painstakingly designed luxury is only part of what brings you true comfort on the road. Safety comes first, and Lexus leads the competition in both offensive and defensive capacities. The RX features finely-tuned sensors monitoring your front, rear and sides to alert you about potential hazards. A pre-collission system will help reduce speed and damage if something should happen, and eight standard airbags will deploy for cushioning all around.

Whether you’re taking the family across town or touring the country, the RX will get you there in comfort and style. But you can’t fully appreciate this revolutionary vehicle until you see it with your own eyes. One sit in this cockpit and you’ll wonder why you’ve been driving anything else. Come see the RX today and schedule a test drive.