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Lexus vehicles offer unparalleled luxury, and while many might imagine that only extends as far as their sleek looks, stunning materials, and premium performance, it also includes the advanced technology found within. From standout safety features to high-performance upgrades and peerless connectivity, the technology utilized by Lexus truly sets their vehicles apart from the rest. Read on with Lexus of Calgary—Alberta’s premier luxury dealership—to learn more about the phenomenal technology found inside each and every Lexus vehicle.

Safety Technology

Lexus Safety System+

Perhaps the most impressive and important piece of technology found inside each and every Lexus vehicle is LSS+, or Lexus Safety System+. This suite of advanced driver assistance and safety features is designed to not only avoid accidents but to prevent them from even happening. Four integrated active safety systems work in concert to keep you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road as safe as possible.

Lexus Safety System+

Performance Technology

F Sport

Named after the legendary Japanese track, Fuji International Speedway, the F Sport lineup of Lexus vehicles utilizes the best and most advanced performance technology available to help push your driving experience to the next level. Push past what you thought you were capable of behind the wheel, and enjoy a truly track-ready performance.

Lexus Hybrid Technology

Offering uncompromising performance and luxury, the lineup of hybrid Lexus vehicles provides an electrifying driving experience—all without the added emissions. Thanks to Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric technology, you can enjoy a minimized carbon footprint without worrying about where the next charging station might be found.

Infotainment & Convenience Technology

Lexus Interface

The brand new Lexus Interface provides an intuitive, seamless connection between you and your Lexus vehicle. From voice-activated commands to Remote Connect and a Digital Key, the new Lexus Interface provides an unprecedented level of convenience—not to mention luxury.

Drive Connect Cloud Navigation

As a part of the new Lexus Interface system, Drive Connect offers a Cloud Navigation system powered by Google POI to provide you with real-time traffic updates, search capability, and so much more. Simply summon the Intelligent Assistant with your voice, and you’ll find your way in no time!

Offering some of the most innovative and advanced features on the market today, alongside some of the most powerful and well-designed vehicles, it should come as no surprise that Lexus is redefining the notion of luxury. To learn more about any of the vehicles in the Lexus lineup, or the technologies found above, simply stop by Calgary of Lexus or use the secure online form found below to contact us.

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