Lance Bristo, Parts Manager

Meet Lance Bristo, Parts Manager at Lexus of Calgary. Lance is from Hamilton, Ontario and is in his 28th year working for our dealership group.

Quick Facts

Place of Birth: Hamilton, Ontario
Year Joined Lexus of Calgary: 1986
Hobbies: Camping, spending time with kids
Most Interesting Job While Going To School: Picking tobacco on a tobacco farm

Employee Spotlight

Q: How long have you been on the Lexus of Calgary team? What do you do?
LB: “I have been with Lexus of Calgary as the Parts Manager since 2007, when we opened in our current location. Prior to that I was a Parts Advisor with Stampede Lexus Toyota and was hired in November of 1987.”
Q: The tagline for Lexus of Calgary is “Experience VIP Service.” What does that mean to you?
LB: “VIP service is best summed up by the Lexus Spirit, which states that here at Lexus we treat all customers as we would guests in our homes, providing the best service and facilities of any dealer network in the industry.”
Q: What’s the best part of your job?Lexus LFA Calgary
LB: “The best part of my job is welcoming new guests and hearing stories from long term guests about their passion for the brand.”
Q. What is your dream car? 
LB: “My dream car would probably be the Lexus LFA of which only 500 were built worldwide.”
Q. What do you do in your free time?
LB: “My spare time is mostly spent enjoying family activities, camping, hiking, and biking.”
Come visit us at Calgary of Lexus, where Lance and the rest of our team works together is to provide VIP service for every guest.