Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection at Lexus of Calgary

We offer multi-point inspections ideal for Lexus cars and SUVs at our Lexus certified service department staffed with certified technicians that know your vehicle inside and out. We provide a comprehensive multi-point vehicle inspection service guided by a checklist with accurate results by a certified technician applying a risk score to everything checked.

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What Does a Multi-Point Inspection Include?

A multi-point inspection is a thorough evaluation of all major systems and components from bumper to bumper. All primary systems and their sub-components will be evaluated for wear and tear with an emphasis on reliable performance and safety risks. The inspection is guided by a checklist to ensure the certified technician checks everything needed and is given to you after the service is completed.

The Inspection Checklist and Results

The inspection checklist is organized by area of the vehicle with several components to inspect in every area. The technician will spend time inside the cabin checking lights, safety belts, and dashboard warnings. Everything under the hood will be checked, including the engine for leaks, drive belts, fluid reservoirs, drive belt pulleys, battery, battery charging system, etc. The technician will check everything around the exterior, including tires, brakes, headlights, taillights, and turn signals. We will also check underneath by inspecting the suspension, transmission, and exhaust.

What Should I do About Components with Yellow Scores?

Components will be given green scores for no-risk requiring no maintenance, yellow for some risk requiring maintenance now or later, or red for immediate risk needing corrective action immediately. You will speak with a service advisor about the results and options for removing the risk. Although this is ultimately up to the owner, we usually recommend on the side of caution that limits the risk and will recommend prompt maintenance that stops the problem from worsening.

What is the Benefit of a Multi-Point Inspection?

Routine multi-point inspections by a certified technician are ideal for most owners to reduce uncertainties about their vehicle’s risky components to get the most out of their vehicle with reliable performance for as long as possible. By detecting minor problems and fixing them, this not only limits the risk but will also encourage extended vehicle life with safe driving along the way. Multi-point inspections are an excellent way to promote enhanced fuel efficiency, safe driving, enhanced performance, reduced operating expenses, and overall vehicle reliability.

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