Importance of Maintenance Even When Driving Less

How Should You Keep Your Vehicle Properly Maintained, Even When You Drive Less? Find out at Lexus of Calgary, AB

This time has seen lots of changes. Among these changes: many people are driving much less. If you're one of those who doesn't drive as much as before, you might be wondering: how important is it that I bring my vehicle in for regular maintenance? How often is maintenance necessary? At Lexus of Calgary, we're here to help. Learn more about how to keep your vehicle properly maintained during lower-driving periods on this page, and then take the drive from Chestermere or Airdrie to visit us when your Lexus is in need of maintenance.


Keep Up With Service Intervals

Even if you're not driving as frequently, it's important that you bring your Lexus in for service at the required intervals. You may have gone strictly off of mileage in the past, but that's not the only requirement. For example, we recommend having a synthetic oil change performed every 16,000 kilometres or every 12 months -- whichever comes first. If it's been a year since your last oil change, but you haven't driven 16,000 kilometres, it's still important to come in for service. Oil deteriorates over time, so going more than a year without having the oil changed may end up damaging your engine.

What To Do With Gas

If your Lexus is going to be sitting for a while, it's best to make sure that the gas tank is full. This can help prevent the buildup of condensation in the gas tank, which may negatively affect your engine's performance. In addition, Lexus of Calgary offers a gas additive that can help prolong the gas’s life in your tank, helping prevent early deterioration.

Keep Tires in Good Shape

Sitting for too long isn't good for your vehicle's tires, and neither is insufficient tire pressure. Because of this, we recommend maintaining proper tire pressure, filling up your tires as needed. You should also move your vehicle regularly to keep the tires from developing flat spots.

Get Some Drive Time In

Even if you're not making the daily commute, it's still best to take your Lexus for regular drives. This helps lubricate the moving parts, and it can also prevent rust buildup on the brake rotors. We recommend driving your Lexus at least once a week to get the full benefits. When you do drive, make sure you're out for at least 20 minutes. This also gives the alternator enough time to recharge the battery, which slowly loses charge as it sits.

Keep the Exterior Protected

To make sure that your paint job stays in good shape, be sure to wax and seal your vehicle. If you're parking outside, it's best to consider investing in a car cover.

Check for Pests

If your Lexus is staying parked for a more extended period of time, it can become attractive to mice, squirrels, and other small pests. Before you start your vehicle, check the engine to make sure that there are no unwelcome visitors nesting there.

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