Lexus Brake Service Near Me

Finding Lexus Brake Services Near Me

Owning a high-quality and performance vehicle like a Lexus means that you only want the best service center for your maintenance needs. When you search for a Lexus service center near me, you can stop your search at Lexus of Calgary and make your brake service appointment.


Brake Inspection Near Me

Over time, as you drive so many kilometers on your Lexus, you need a brake inspection to ensure that the brake system is working as it should and keeping you safe. During this inspection, certified technicians will check everything from your brake fluid levels to your rotors, brake pads, and other parts of the brake system.

Brake Rotor Resurfacing Near Me

As you use your brakes, the roots need to be resurfaced. This is something that you want to have done every 30,000 kilometers so that they do not wear down your brake pads too fast when driving. During this service, the technicians will remove any damaged area to the rotors and smooth it out so that there is no brake pad material left lingering, causing unwanted vibrations when you are driving your Lexus.

Brake Pad Replacement Near Me

This service is essential and must be done periodically like an oil change, though not as frequently. Because most Lexus owners in the Calgary area experience hilly terrain and cold winters with ice and snow, it is best to have your brake pads changed annually, or every 25,000 kilometers, for your safety. Both the front and the rear brake pads will need to be changed, although your front brake pads may wear quicker if your Lexus is a front-wheel-drive model.

Brake Fluid Exchange Near Me

While it is not needed as frequently as other brake services, the brake fluid exchange service should be done every two years on your Lexus. This fluid is hydraulic and applies pressure throughout the brake system. Over time, it will wear down due to debris and dirt being captured in the fluid, so it needs to be flushed and replaced in your Lexus.

Schedule an Appointment With Lexus of Calgary Today

When you choose a Lexus service center over an independent body shop, you know that you are getting genuine Lexus parts for your vehicle model and a team of technicians that are experts in Lexus services. This is why you should schedule your next brake service with Lexus of Calgary to keep your brake system performing at its best and keeping you safe. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or schedule your next appointment online for your convenience. We'll see you soon!

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