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Lexus of Calgary Front Brake Pad Replacement

Brakes are a fairly simple system within the greater workings of your car. They are comprised of specific parts and work to help stop your car when you need it. Getting your brake pads replaced is an important part of maintaining your brakes and making sure they stop when you tell them to.

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What is a Front Brake Pad Replacement?

For front-wheel-drive cars, the most important brake pad replacement you are going to need is, of course, the front brake pads. The brakes in a car are made up of a few different components, the calipers, brake lines, rotors, and brake pads. When you press on the brake pedal the brake lines transfer that power to force the calipers to clamp down on the rotors and the brake pads. The brake pads are a sheet of rubber that is laid on the rotors to help create more friction when you need to stop. As you stop and go your brake pads are going to wear down little by little as a result of the pressure and friction from stopping. When your brake pads reach certain thinness, they do need to be replaced to help make sure your car is going to stop and to help minimize damage to the rotors.

How Often Should you Replace Brake Pads?

Brake pads are going to need to be replaced based on how much you drive. Rather than a time frame, your brake pads are going to need to be swapped out based on how many kilometers they have been on the car and on visual inspection from your technician. A set of brake pads can last for two or three years, if you are not driving a great deal, or they can last only a few months with extreme use. It is always best to take your car to a certified technician or service center that is going to be able to check the overall thickness and condition of your brake pads to determine if you need to have them changed or if they are going to last a little longer.

Choose Lexus of Calgary

At Lexus of Calgary, the dedicated team of highly trained technicians will work quickly and efficiently to get your car back on the road and to make sure your brakes are in great shape. With a comfortable waiting area complete with snacks and drinks as well as wifi, you can be comfortable while you wait for your car to be completed. They also offer complimentary loaner cars and shuttle service if you do have to leave your car for work. With extended hours, online scheduling, and even Saturday hours, Lexus of Calgary is sure to have the service you need.

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