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Lexus of Calgary Filter Replacement Services


Lexus Filter Replacment Services

When Your Lexus Needs a New Filter, Come to Lexus of Calgary

Your Lexus is a truly remarkable vehicle designed to operate smoothly and efficiently. It requires several filters to keep it performing at its best, and these will need to be changed regularly. Whether you prefer to change the filters on your own or you would prefer to have one of our expert technicians install them for you, we will be glad to help at Lexus of Calgary, serving Chestermere and Airdrie. Find out more about filters here, stop by our parts store to pick up the filters you need, or schedule an appointment with us.

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Common Filter Types at Lexus of Calgary:

  • Oil Filter - Oil moves through your engine, providing lubrication to the moving parts. As it does this, the oil filter catches any loose sediment, blocking it from entering the engine with your oil and causing massive damage. Every time your vehicle has an oil change, you should also be sure that the oil filter is changed.
  • Fuel Filter - The fuel filter prevents any impurities or sediment in your vehicle's fuel tank from entering your engine‚Äôs combustion chambers. The frequency with which you will need to have these filters replaced varies; in older vehicles, it may be a good idea to change them every two years. For some newer vehicles, fuel filters could possibly last for the lifetime of the vehicle. Be sure to check your owner's manual to see how often this is recommended.
  • Cabin Air Filter - The HVAC system in your Lexus draws air from outside to warm, cool, or ventilate your cabin. The cabin air filter is what keeps dust, bugs, pollen, mold spores, and other debris from entering the air you breathe inside your Lexus. Although your owner's manual may have a general recommendation of how often this filter should be replaced, the areas where you drive can affect this; if you drive in a more polluted area or on dirt roads, you should have it changed more often.
  • Engine Air Filter - Your engine needs a fresh supply of clean air just like you do, and the engine air filter protects your engine from the airborne contaminants that would otherwise enter it. The rule for changing the engine air filter is similar to that for changing the cabin air filter.

Schedule Filter Replacement Service at Lexus of Calgary

If you want to change your own filters, stop by our parts store. Otherwise, use the online service scheduler to make your next appointment at Lexus of Calgary. Make sure to check out our service offers to save money when coming to see us!

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