Dare to Compare: Independent vs Certified Service

Lexus Certified Service vs Independent Shop

Dare to Compare: Independents vs Certified Lexus Service

Sometimes we get asked by new customers to the Lexus family about cutting corners on service quality with the question: are Lexus certified services better? To answer this question once and for all, we have dared to compare the service quality offered at our service department versus what is being provided by independent service shops near Calgary. The analysis includes assessing technician, facility, parts, and standards quality through the lens of value. We found that Lexus certified services are always better for your vehicle as they offer enhanced quality at every performance metric, which creates significantly more value.

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Certified Lexus Technicians

Our technicians are certified experts and of the highest calibre with significant hands-on experience. Independent service shops often employ non-certified mechanics that probably love working on vehicles yet lack the professional-level certification as the industry’s gold standard.

State-of-the-art Facility

Our facility is state-of-the-art and features the newest technologies and diagnostic equipment. Independent service shops tend to rely on older technologies that once got the job done right but do not currently meet the rigours of Lexus certified service quality.

Genuine OEM Lexus Parts

We only install the highest quality genuine OEM parts at Lexus of Calgary. At the same time, you can expect the installation of aftermarket components at independent shops that often cut corners and do not install the highest quality parts.

Lexus Service Standards

We perform services at Lexus certified standards with technical services guided by technical service bulletins. Independents do not use these bulletins and tend to shoot from the hip when completing services even on primary systems, such as the transmission, suspension, engine, and exhaust, which can be very problematic.

The Issue of Recall Service for Lexus Models

No matter what the manufacturer, safety recalls must be completed by an authorized dealership as regulated by the federal government’s Transport Canada Administration. This is because they know where specific vehicles need to get the best service when it comes to safety: a certified service department that understands them professionally. There is no better evidence than this when it comes to finding the ideal service provider for your Lexus.

Result: Certified Lexus Service Wins

There is little doubt when considering the metrics used that a Lexus certified service department would offer your vehicle more quality and unrivalled value compared to independent service shops. Our technicians are certified, our facility is state-of-the-art, our parts are genuine, and we complete technical services according to technical service bulletins. When you want the best for your Lexus, look no further than Lexus of Calgary.

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