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Lexus Oil Change Service near Airdrie

You can get the greatest quality, convenience, and value for your oil change services at Lexus of Calgary. The 20 to 25 minutes that it takes to get here is a profitable investment in getting certified Lexus service with an express service option requiring no appointment. This extends Lexus drivers near Airdrie, a worthwhile investment in getting the best oil change service at the same speed or faster than the nearest quick-lube outlet. When you want to get the best oil changes for your Lexus, be sure to bring it to Lexus of Calgary.


Breaking Down Motor Oils: Conventional, Semi-Synthetic & Full-Synthetic

We offer all of the traditional oil changes ready to meet all Lexus models’ maintenance needs, including conventional, semi-synthetic, and full-synthetic motor oils. You can consider these to be on a spectrum from natural petroleum-based conventional oil on one end to human-made full-synthetic oil on the other, with semi-synthetic in between. Conventional oil is an effective lubricant, but synthetics are increasingly popular due to the smaller molecular design, enhanced lubrication, and extended oil change interval.

When Does Motor Oil Need to be Changed?

Conventional motor oil needs to be changed every 5,000 to 8,000 km, semi-synthetic every 8,000 to 12,000 km, and full-synthetic every 12,000 to 16,000 km. As your certified Lexus maintenance experts, we can discuss your vehicle’s ideal oil change schedule depending upon what is recommended in the owner’s manual and given your driving style and operating conditions.

Why Should I Get the Oil Changed Now?

Getting the oil changed at the recommended kilometers is the best way to get the most out of the engine. This is because oil changes clean the engine from the sludgy broken-down oil full of accumulation and introduce a fresh lubricant of peak viscosity. Timely oil changes are on the path to a reliable, long-lasting engine.

About Extended Oil Changes

When a driver chooses to drive past an oil change interval, they choose to allow broken-down oil to provide poor lubrication to the engine. Broken-down oil is an ineffective lubricant, and the engine’s moving part will be faced with increased friction and heat. This friction and heat will speed up wear and tear and lead to defective performance with increased repairs and operational costs. The ultimate consequence of oil change neglect is engine overheating that immobilizes the vehicle. Schedule your oil change online today!

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