You Decide: Two-Wheel, Four-Wheel, or All-Wheel Drive

Choosing between two-wheel, four-wheel, and all-wheel drive can be an overwhelming decision, especially when you don’t know the facts. So before you begin shopping for a new Lexus SUV or car for sale in Calgary, find out the differences between 2WD, 4WD, and AWD.

Two-Wheel Drive

Two-wheel drive vehicles are an excellent option for mild climates that don’t often experience harsh weather. However, most cars and SUVs made today have modern traction control systems and a set of good tires—meaning an experienced driver shouldn’t have issues handling bad weather.

Cars with two-wheel drive usually have front- or rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive vehicles perform better than rear-wheel vehicles in poor weather and offer better fuel economy. This is because vehicles with front-wheel drive have the weight of the engine over the driving wheels. The weight keeps the tires firmly planted on the road and makes it easier to push through snow or sleet without spinning too much.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles are more prone to fishtailing. However, the weight of the car is spread more evenly to each of the four tires, making rear-wheel drive generally better for performance and handling.

Four-Wheel Drive

A four-wheel drive system can be activated with a lever or switch. This is unlike all-wheel drive, which is on all the time. The ability to turn off and on 4WD helps improve fuel economy. 4WD also offers the best traction for off-road conditions with reliable and proven technology.

But, four-wheel drive adds weight and complexity to a vehicle, and tends to be more expensive than two-wheel drive. Also, 4WD cannot overcome all weather and road conditions.

All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive improves the traction of every tire and offers the best control for road conditions. For people who live in climates that often experience harsh weather, all-wheel drive is a good option. With AWD, the tires perform easier on slick or slippery surfaces.

Most vehicles with AWD have a better resale value. This means your car or SUV in Calgary will be easier to sell when the time comes. However, fuel economy is worse with AWD, since there is extra weight and complexity.

See remaining 2015 Lexus IS 250 and Lexus IS 350 AWD if you’re shopping for a car with all-wheel drive in Calgary. If you’re shopping for an SUV in Calgary, see remaining 2015 NX 200t with all-wheel drive.

Lexus AWD intuitively channels power to wheels to improve traction and optimize performance. This means you can stay in control of the road all winter long in Calgary!

Which Should You Get?

Overall, two-wheel drive costs less than four- and all-wheel drive because it uses less energy and weight. But, having four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive gives you peace of mind knowing your vehicle can withstand bad weather—making your commute safer.

Winter-ready Lexus features on select Lexus models include: heated front seats, heated steering wheels, and drive mode select with snow mode. Your local Lexus dealer in Calgary wants you to be prepared for the unpredictable weather we are accustomed to. Click here to schedule a test drive and make the best vehicle decision for you!