Premium Batteries for Your Lexus

our car battery does more than just start your car. Your battery helps to store and provide electricity needed to power and stabilize many of the different systems in your Lexus. And to do so your battery must remain healthy.

Over time your battery’s performance may deteriorate. A host of factors impact the life of your battery, including:

  • Battery age
  • Driving conditions
  • Operating temperature
  • Your driving habits

The best defense against the inconvenience of getting stranded is having regular battery health checks, performed by your local Lexus service technician.

It is important to have battery checks performed in both the winter and summer seasons. At Lexus of Calgary, our factory trained experts will be able to test the life of your battery and assess the risk of failure.

If it’s time to replace your battery, choose Lexus Premium Batteries. Only Lexus approved batteries have been selected for your Lexus and have been manufactured to meet Lexus’ stringent standards.

Lexus Premium Batteries are selected to provide optimum performance, providing the right specifications such as cold cranking amps and reserve capacity for reliable performance specific to your Lexus model.

Every critical function of Lexus Premium Batteries has been engineered and tested using state of the art technology to get the perfect balance of life, power and durability.

To help protect the environment, recycle batteries in an environmentally responsible manner. The recycling process is handled by a partner of Lexus Canada, and uses a closed loop process to help prevent harmful pollutants from escaping. Virtually 100% of the components used in an individual battery are recycled.

Through this process, materials such as plastic and acid can be molded into new batteries at a state of the art recycling facility.

Don’t be stuck in the cold with a car that won’t start. Have your battery health checked today. It’ll only take us a couple minutes to run the tests for you and if you do need a new replacement, you’ll be glad to know that all Lexus Premium Replacement Batteries installed by Lexus of Calgary include a twenty-four month free replacement and up to 84 month prorated replacement limited warranty. Book an appointment today.