Lexus On The Big Screen, Black Panther 2

RZ Concept Vehicle

Lexus has a long history of groundbreaking actions. First entering the market with the LS in 1989 and continuously innovating ever since, Lexus provides a unique offering that is catered specifically to our guests. At the core of the Lexus brand, is a passion for cutting-edge technology, top-shelf performance, and brave design. This makes for an exceptional company producing some impressive products that are able to combine thrill and efficiency. The Lexus lineup has always been expertly crafted to specifically match the niche needs of our discerning customers.

This rich history of innovation and forward-thinking makes Lexus the natural choice of vehicle to use in Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The futuristic nation of Wakanda is the perfect setting for the Lexus cars thanks to their bold styling and innovative technology.

LC 500

Showcased Lexus Models

In the first Black Panther film, there were two notable Lexus vehicles. The first being the legendary Lexus LC 500 as used in a high speed chase while being remotely operated and the second being the Lexus GX. This latest film is slated to use even more exciting Lexus models to further the storyline. Perhaps most notably, the Lexus RZ450e, Lexus’ first fully electric concept vehicle. Though not released yet, the RZ450e will be a game changing vehicle and is a natural next step in Lexus’ commitment to electrification.

We at Lexus of Calgary are patiently awaiting the release of Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and are eager to see this exciting new vehicle in action.

This highly anticipated motion picture is a Lexus enthusiast’s fantasy and we at Lexus of Calgary are pleased to be a part of it. Lexus of Calgary is a full service dealership offering a first-class experience in our state of the art facility. Stay tuned for our upcoming page devoted specifically to the RZ450e and enjoy the show!

RZ Concept Vehicle