Is Your Lexus Ready for A Calgary Snowstorm?

In Calgary, we’re no strangers to snow. There’s snow on record for every month of the year, and with an average of nearly 130cm annually, you need to be prepared to drive in slippery conditions. One key thing you can do to stay safe this winter is invest in the right winter tires for your Lexus.

To show you what a huge difference winter tires make, we put two professional drivers in two identical Lexus NX’s. One Lexus NX has winter tires, the other has all season-tires. Our drivers put their skills to the test on three different snow covered courses to show the difference winter tires can make on your Lexus’ performance.


Why Do Winter Tires Work?

Winter tires maintain a higher level of elasticity than all-season tires in temperatures below 7℃. This translates to better over-all grip and traction in cold temperatures. Winter tires also feature wider tread blocks and grooves that help maintain contact with the road, improving handling in snowy or icy conditions.

Finally, winter tires increased grip and traction translate to much better acceleration and stopping power. A couple feet can make a world of difference on snow covered roads and only the optimal set of winter tires ensure that your Lexus has the most stopping power where and when you need it.

What About Your All-Season Tires?

Putting winter tires on your Lexus doesn’t mean it’s time to get rid of your all-season tires. Winter tires are ideal for temperatures below 7℃, but you’ll want to put your all-season tires back on in the spring. At Lexus of Calgary, we can store your off-season tires for you. When it’s time to switch tires, just bring your Lexus in and we take care of the rest.  It couldn’t be more convenient.

Fall is right around the corner and the next big snow could be here before you know it. This winter, drive with confidence no matter what conditions the roads are in.  Come to Lexus of Calgary and our tire experts will help you choose the right winter tires for your Lexus.  Enjoy our VIP services during your Lexus tire installation.

Find the Right Winter Tires for My Lexus