Inside the Lexus Lounge with Kelly Hrudey

Alyc Keith sat down with  Lexus owner, Kelly Hrudey.

Kelly played in the National Hockey League for 15 years for teams like the San Jose Sharks, the Los Angeles Kings, and the New York Islanders. He now works as a broadcaster with Sportsnet  and a commentator for the Calgary Flames.

To learn more about this long time Lexus of Calgary guest, step right in to our lounge!

Q&A with Kelly Hrudey, Former NHL Goaltender



In 1987, Kelly played in the longest hockey game of his entire career, which included seven periods, four overtimes, and 73 saves.

That game really propelled me to a new level,” explained Kelly. “In fact, after that game I gained more notoriety and I ended up getting invited to play for Team Canada in the Canada Cup.

It was the start of my career taking off to a different level. It was really great experience.


Then, in 1993, Kelly made it to the Stanley Cup final rounds while he played for the L.A. Kings.  Coincidentally, Alyc met Kelly around this time, and received a signed autograph from Kelly on a poster and a jacket. The poster reads, “To Alyc Keith, best wishes from Kelly Hrudey.”

Kelly joyfully exclaimed,”My penmanship is horrible!


After getting so close to winning the Stanley Cup, Kelly reflects on this difficult, yet important time in his life.

It’s always difficult to get that far and then lose,” he explained. “I went from playing really well  to literally the worst goalie in the league.

Barry Melrose and Tony Robbins offered their support to Kelly to rebuild his strength and confidence.

I think because of that relationship I had with Barry, and the work of Tony that our trust grew and I became a lot stronger mentally.  And then, ultimately, we ended up beating Calgary,  Vancouver, and Toronto in the playoffs, and lost to Montreal in the finals.

I gained so much that year personally. The game never had me on my knees again. It did for a while, and I thought my career was coming to an end, but with the help of Barry and Tony I ended up playing another five years.

As L.A. Kings teammates in 1993, Wayne Gretzky disagreed with Kelly on their best game.

I thought our best hockey that play-off was against Vancouver in the second round. Wayne thought our third round play against Toronto was the best.


After sharing his NHL stories, Kelly describes his experience buying his fourth Lexus from Lexus of Calgary.

The day we came in was the day we decided to buy a vehicle. Jerad (Sales Consultant) was fantastic and walked us through all of the features of our vehicle. 

If you’ve never had a Lexus I really recommend you come out here and try it.

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