Inside the Lexus Lounge with Jaromir Jagr

Alyc Keith sat down with previous Lexus RX driver, Jaromir Jagr in this episode of Inside the Lexus Lounge.

Jaromir played 22 games with the Calgary Flames. Due to injuries, Jaromir has left the Flames under a mutual exit and signed the rest of his contract to HC Kladno in the Czech Republic.  With 24 seasons in the NHL, Jaromir is expected to become a future Hall of Famer for his outstanding career in hockey.

To learn more about this hockey legend, step right in to our lounge!

Q&A with Jaromir Jagr, Former Calgary Flames Hockey Player

Jaromir often gets asked about his long head of hair, replicating the style of 80s hair bands like Def Leppard. To start out the interview, Alyc asks him what his favorite band is.

Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe were my first CDs I bought,” explains Jaromir.

At the age of 45, Jaromir takes excellent care of his health. He explains what his diet is like and how he maintains his great shape.

If you want to be in good share, you have to go sugar free,” said Jaromir. “I read many books about it and sugar is a poison.  If you go sugar free, there’s a big chance that you might get to the best shape.

The “Jagr salute” is a move Jaromir is best known for displaying at hockey games in the past. He brought this move to the NHL as a way to celebrate after shooting a goal. Alyc asked him when the “Jagr salute” came about.

I think it was around the years 1997-98. After that, I would send a kiss to God to say thank you for help.

After chatting about his famous celebration move, Alyc and Jaromir exchange stories over their experiences with getting teeth knocked out during hockey.

In fact, during Jaromir’s 30 years playing hockey, the same doctor has helped him with his teeth!

I would say four times I got my teeth knocked out.  It’s always happened in Florida. It happened twice when I was visiting Florida, and it happened twice when I played for the Florida Panthers.

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