How Lexus Outperforms Other Luxury Car Competitors

Why are Lexus models the best luxury vehicles on the market today?

If you already drive a Lexus, chances are you know the answer to this question.  Lexus produces extraordinary luxury cars and SUVs in Calgary with the latest technology and safety features.

There are many reasons that Lexus is one of the most sought-after luxury vehicle brands. Keep reading to learn the top five!

 Top 5 Reasons Lexus is the Best Luxury Car Brand in the Market

 1. Offers the best auto maintenance among service provider luxury brands.  

Lexus Canada dealerships were recently ranked the highest in customer satisfaction among luxury brands—outperforming Audi, Lincoln, Porsche, and Cadillac.  Certified and trained technicians exceed expectations at every regularly scheduled Lexus maintenance service.

2.  Financing a Lexus is as smooth and enjoyable  as riding in one.

Lexus dealerships work diligently with Lexus Financial Services  to bring you special offers, incentives, and promotions that make purchasing or leasing a new Lexus car or SUV in Calgary as pleasurable as driving one.

 3. Dedicated to developing vehicles that are kinder to the Earth.

Lexus indulges your desire for comfort, yet lives up to high expectations for ecological responsibility. As the leading  luxury hybrid  brand, Lexus seamlessly combines maximum extravagance and minimal impact to the environment.

 4. Engineers the latest in automotive technology features in the luxury market today.

The new 2017 lineup of Lexus cars and SUVs showcase a commitment to safety and forward thinking. And at Lexus of Calgary, we’re sharing the best technology luxury cars offer. Take a look at our four favorite luxury technology features.

5. F SPORT package exhilarates the ride with improved performance and handling. 

Lexus F SPORT models infuse performance and style with a cutting edge look that offers a spirited drive.  From the sharp front grill to the badge on the front fender, an F SPORT Lexus is sure to turn heads and give you comfortable driving everyday.

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If you’re looking for a tranquil ride with impeccable safety features, technology, style, and performance, you can’t go wrong with a Lexus.  Browse our new Lexus luxury cars and SUVs in Calgary  online, and let us know if you have any questions!.