Employee Spotlight: Steve Normore, GM

For our next employee spotlight, we talked to our own GM, Steve Normore. Steve is a 28 year veteran of the automotive industry. He has been with the Lexus of Calgary team since 1993. He is very passionate about  his staff and his customers.

Q: How long have you been on the Lexus of Calgary team? 

SN: “I joined the Lexus of Calgary team in 1993, but have been with the company since 1989 with a break from 2009-2014.”

Q: What makes Lexus of Calgary different from other dealerships in the area?

SN:  “The staff we have.  It’s all about the people.  Everyone treats each other with absolute respect.  They help each other in any circumstance.  Our guests who come in the door get the same treatment.  Our job for employees is to try and remove any inconvenience in the shopping experience.”

Q: What does Lexus of Calgary’s brand promise mean to you?

SN: “Looking after the guests kind of like you’d look after your grandparents.  Better than you’d look after your parents.  From  the pick up, hand washing, vacuuming of the loaner vehicles they drive to the barista and nail salon. Everything we do is an attempt to alleviate any symptoms of inconvenience. ”

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

SN: “Meeting and hanging out with the guests and employees.  Our guests are fantastic people.  They are very good to us and their loyalty rate is extremely high.  Everyone in the dealership feels like family.”

Q: What kind of car do you drive?

SN: “I drive the fastest sports 4-door sedan — the Lexus GS F.  Great performance with a combination of luxury and  acceleration.”

Q: What do you do in your free time?

SN: “I really enjoy playing hockey and occasionally fit some golf in on the side. I also enjoy mountain biking, swimming, and spending time with family and friends.”

Q: What should first-time visitors know about Lexus of Calgary?

SN:  “We’re going to try whatever we have to do to make their experience a happy one.  We will give as much information we can about us, the Lexus experience, and our dealership so they can make the best decision that works for them.”

Come visit us at Calgary of Lexus, where Steve and the rest of our team work together is to provide VIP service for every guest.