Employee Spotlight: Les Krawec, Sales Consultant

For our next employee spotlight, we’re getting to know  Les Krawec, a sales consultant at  Lexus of Calgary.

Les has been a familiar face at Lexus of Calgary for quite awhile, so you have likely had the opportunity to meet him before. If not, you still have plenty of time to do so, as he says he loves his job at Lexus of Calgary so much that he’s never going to retire!

Learn more about Les!

Q & A With Les Krawec, Sales Consultant at Lexus of Calgary

Q:  What does your day-to-day look like at work?

LK: Well, at this point, somewhere between 70-80% of my clients are repeat or referral, so I know them already or they have bought from me before, and so there is a comfort level there. So I am busy all the time. I start in the morning as soon as I can get here, and go until 9 at night.

Q: How long have you been on the LOC team?

LK: I’ve been at Lexus of Calgary for 17 years. We used to be with Stampede Lexus Toyota, and then in 2005 Calgary became a million people, so we had to build our own building. We came over here, and I am the last salesman from that old store still left!

I started in the car business in 1991 and worked my way up, so for 11 years I sold Toyota, but I did not particularly like that. I wanted to be more well-rounded as a salesman, so then in 2002 the owners at Lexus of Calgary called me up and offered me the position here.

Before that, I went to the University of Calgary and I have a master’s degree in psychology, so I was a psychologist for 15 years. If you think about it, I’m in the happy side of psych – selling something!

Q: What makes you excited about coming to work each day?

LK: I love the guests who come to the dealership. People who are buying a Lexus know what they want and they have a passion for getting their new vehicle. It’s the interaction that I really like.

We get to give our VIP service in addition to their purchase, and they are getting unbelievable service that is not offered by any other luxury manufacturer to the extent that we do it. We’re not just selling cars or vehicles – we are providing service.

Q: What kind of car do you drive and what’s your dream car?

LK: I have six cars, and if i see something I like, I buy it. I have three Lexus vehicles and three Toyotas. Mechanical reliability is the biggest reason I choose these vehicles. My Toyotas are great, but the Lexus vehicles are far and away superior.

My favorite Lexus is the LX – our biggest SUV and I have two of them.

 Q: How do you like to spend your free time?

LK: All of my free time is devoted to my family. I have a wife, Ela, and a 20 year old son named Nick who is taking kinesiology at the University of Calgary. Any of my free time is with them.

Q: What should first-time guest know about LOC?

LK: If you look at any mechanical reliability studies, Lexus is the most reliable car. Lexus is very refined – beautiful paint, real wood – and very safe. They have very quick vehicle skid control, and I show people those things.  I want people to know those three things and I also want everyone to know about our VIP service.

I like my job so much that I’m 66 years old and I’m not going to retire! Come see me in five or six years, and I will still be here.

Come visit us at Lexus of Calgary, where Les and the rest of our team work together is to provide VIP service for every guest.