For our next employee spotlight, we caught up with Jeff Taubert, our Delivery Coordinator at Lexus of Calgary.

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Q & A With Jeff Taubert, Delivery Coordinator at Lexus of Calgary

Q:  What does the Delivery Coordinator position entail and what does your day-to-day look like?

JT:  “A DCP involves being a jack of trades and working collegially with all departments, as well as ensuring a product is perfectly ready, in all aspects, for delivery. Obviously knowing all your guests is critical to this position.”

Q: How long have you been on the LOC team?

JT: “Just under five years.”

Q: What makes LOC different from other dealerships in the area?

JT: “We welcome people into our dealership as guests; you are part of the Lexus family the moment you walk into our doors as if you are in your own home.”

Q: What does LOC’s brand promise mean to you?

JT:  “LOC’s brand promise means that we exceed our guests expectation and do our best in ensuring they experience amazing.”

Q: What makes you excited about coming to work each day?

JT: “The possibilities of providing guests with a fun, informative, and memorable experience as they take home what could be their dream vehicle.”

Q: What kind of car do you drive and what’s your dream car?

JT: “I currently drive an SUV. My favorite Lexus is the 2017 GS F. I have a special place in my heart for vintage luxury automobiles and vintage wagons.”

 Q: How do you like to spend your free time?

JT: “I am a bit of a homebody and I love to entertain and cook. When I am not at home, I like to do a little traveling.”

Q: What should first-time visitors know about LOC?

JT: “The moment you walk into LOC, you will notice that it is a welcoming, positive, and family owned business that truly values and cares for their guests.

Come visit us at Lexus of Calgary, where Jeff and the rest of our team work together is to provide VIP service for every guest!