Driving Experience Program

Eye Q International Driving Experience Program

Want to become a better driver? Learn from the best in our Driving Experience Program exclusive to Lexus of Calgary.

About The Course

The Driving Experience Program features unique exercises that bring people into a heightened state of awareness and vigilance as they go about their daily activities including driving.
The training results in significant gains in performance & safety while driving and provides higher states of anticipation that significantly reduce the likelihood of an incident from occurring.
During the course, Dave will coach you through several exercises that emphasize the importance of:

  • Peripheral and Foveal vision skills
  • Perspective and overall awareness
  • How to reduce blind spots
  • How to optimize your seating and mirror positions while driving

After walking you through these exercises, Dave will accompany you on a drive in your Lexus and will provide you with expert tips on optimizing your driving performance.

About The Instructor

Dave is an accomplished professional educator with 34 years North American experience including Car Racing, Driver Education, and multiple sports fields. From this, he has developed a unique skill set specializing in Spatial Cognition & Situational Awareness. We consider Dave a fantastic asset to the Lexus of Calgary team and guarantee you won’t leave the course without learning a thing or two.

The Driving Experience Program is available when you purchase a new Lexus. To learn more, please contact our Delivery Coordinators.

Our Guest Testimonials

"We both learned a lot and personally, it was exactly what I needed to regain my confidence on the road.”
-Sandy & Natalie

"I took the Experience Drive program with Dave after hundreds of thousands of KM’s driven (some even driven as a professional driver) and I still picked up valuable tips. Dave is highly experienced, patient and has techniques that help all drivers improve their skills. Enhancing your visual awareness is key to defensive driving and enjoying your experience. I strongly recommend you take the time for Dave’s program. You will be amazed how much you learn in a small amount of time.”

"The Experience Drive Program changed the way I look at the road. Rather than the old habit of focusing on the vehicle directly in front of me, I now look ahead of that vehicle to see patterns emerging. This gives me the ability to much better anticipate what will happen and be able to adjust my driving accordingly. Not only is my level of safety increased, it allows me to take advantage of opportunities to keep moving by avoiding bottlenecks or slowdowns. I am now a much more aware and safer driver."