Driven to Discover: Explore Smith-Dorrien Trail with Will Gadd

For some,  flying is the purest form of expression. There are no constraints when you’re on a paraglider in the sky.

Adventurer Les Stroud has a relentless passion for travel and is driven to discover North America’s best roads. Recently, Les teamed up with the Lexus Driven to Discover contest where he took viewers on an exploratory trip along ten of North America’s most exhilarating drives—experiencing it all from inside an exciting lineup of new Lexus models.

Let’s find out how Les’s trip to the Smith-Dorrien Trail with Will Gadd went!

Will Gadd, Driven to Do Something  Special

Will Gadd is an adventure athlete and world-renowned paraglider. He broke the world record for paragliding 423 kilometers for 10 hours and 38 minutes straight.

“If I’m interested in something, I obsess about it. And, I’ve often wondered whether the result is what you’re aiming for, or if the process is the result.”

Recently, he paraglided over the Smith-Dorrien Trail in Alberta.  Will describes paragliding as playing “massive three-dimensional chess.”  Due to the nature of the terrain, this area is a bit complicated.

“You’ve got to believe that what you’re doing is worthwhile, and get in to it. I set out to get better. I learned something.”

Watch this video to see how Les’s adventure with Will Gadd went!


Explore the Smith-Dorrien Trail in Your New Lexus

“Getting to that place where you’re doing something beautiful and at the best you can do in life—it’s not a linear path.”

Experience the most magnificent and stunning sites our beautiful country has to offer.  See where your new Lexus can take you. Join us again soon for another episode of Lexus Driven to Discover!