Driven to Discover: Explore Kananaskis with Sarah Hueniken

The world is a big place.

There’s a ton of potential out there for those who want to explore and challenge themselves. Adventurer Les Stroud has a relentless passion for travel and is driven to discover North America’s best roads.

Known as the Canadian Screen Award winning producer, creator, and star of the hit TV series Survivorman, Les is the only producer in the history of television to produce an internationally broadcast series entirely written, videotaped, and hosted alone.

Recently, Les teamed up with the Lexus Driven to Discover contest where he took viewers on an exploratory trip along ten of North America’s most exhilarating drives—experiencing it all from inside an exciting lineup of new Lexus models.

Let’s find out how Les’s trip to the Canadian Rockies went.

Jump in, It’s Going to Be an Amazing Ride

Les has experienced some of the most remote corners of the world. And now, he teams up with Sarah Hueniken, a world renowned mixed climber, to explore the Kananaskis Country in western Canada.

“Motivation, for me, comes from curiosity,” explains Sarah. “Can I achieve that next goal that I set for myself? That’s the biggest reward in life when you’ve fulfilled your own potential.”

Watch this inspirational and motivational video to see how their journey went.

Explore Kananaskis in Your Calgary New Lexus

“There’s still tons of exploring to be had out there. And people say that there’s nothing left to explore—just come out to Kananaskis.”

Experience the most magnificent roads and stunning scenery our beautiful country has to offer.  See where your new Lexus can take you.