Delivery & Vehicle Technology


Congratulations on the purchase of your New or Pre-Owned Lexus! A Delivery & Technology Specialist will be reaching out shortly to schedule your vehicle pick-up appointment. You can expect the following on delivery day:

A brief visit with the Business Office to finalize paperwork such as registration and insurance will kick start the vehicle delivery appointment.

We understand that buying a vehicle may be an overwhelming experience and there is a lot to learn, so we encourage you to take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have or highlight any areas of the vehicle that you would like some extra time focusing on during your appointment.

We understand the importance of staying connected and safe as you drive. To help ensure optimal safety and integration with your devices, we will assist you in pairing your phone through the available technologies in your vehicle, as well as assist with any other audio and convenience features you require.
Should your Lexus come equipped with Lexus Enform Connected Services, the Delivery & Technology Specialist will ensure all features are set up and ready for use. This includes Enform Remote, Enform Service Connect, Enform Safety Connect and Enform Destination Assist, accessible through the Lexus App.
Should you purchase a New Lexus, a Delivery & Technology Specialist will input your complimentary 1-month and 6-month service appointment reminders as well as your 1-year/16,000km appointment reminder.

After you've had the chance to become acquainted with your Lexus, Delivery & Technology Specialist Jeff will reach out to ensure everything is running smoothly. Should you have any more questions or would like a refresher on your vehicle's features, you will have the opportunity to book a second delivery.


Please note that each delivery is different and based on the features available in your vehicle. See your owner's manual or speak with your Product Advisor should you have any questions regarding the features and capabilities of your vehicle.



Danilo Kaeser

Senior Delivery and Technology Specialist

403.225.3987 ext 5025
Backed by over 5 years of immersive experience in aftermarket car technology and a diploma from SAIT in B.A. Automotive Management, Danilo brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Lexus of Calgary. His passion for the automotive industry shines through in his commitment to providing an exceptional delivery experience for every guest.With a keen understanding of the advanced features and cutting-edge technologies that define Lexus vehicles, Danilo takes great pride in ensuring each guest is fully equipped to unlock the full potential of their new luxury ride. His approachable demeanor and patient guidance create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere, allowing guests to confidently explore the innovative capabilities that elevate the Lexus driving experience to new heights.Whether you're a seasoned Lexus enthusiast or embarking on your first journey with the brand, Danilo's expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction will make your transition into the Lexus family a truly memorable and empowering one. With his help, you'll leave feeling inspired and excited to embrace the unparalleled craftsmanship and performance that Lexus is renowned for.


Carson Shepherd

Delivery and Technology Specialist

Carson's journey with Lexus of Calgary is fueled by a genuine passion for the automotive industry and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Armed with a recent diploma in Automotive Management from SAIT and a wealth of knowledge in aftermarket car technology, Carson takes pride in ensuring every guest is equipped with the tools and insights needed to fully appreciate the unparalleled driving experience that Lexus vehicles offer. His approachable demeanor and helpful nature create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere, allowing you to confidently explore the advanced features and capabilities that set Lexus apart. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or embarking on your first luxury vehicle ownership, Carson's expertise and dedication will make your transition into the Lexus family a truly memorable one.


Jonah Brown

Delivery and Technology Specialist

Jonah brings a fresh perspective and infectious enthusiasm to the Lexus of Calgary team. With his keen eye for design and a deep appreciation for cutting-edge automotive technologies, he ensures every guest leaves feeling excited and confident about their new Lexus. Jonah's passion for enhancing the daily driving experience shines through as he meticulously guides you through the advanced features and sleek aesthetics that make Lexus vehicles truly exceptional. Whether you're a seasoned Lexus owner or embarking on your first journey with the brand, Jonah's expertise and genuine care will make you feel right at home in the Lexus family.


Below are answers to the most common questions that guests have regarding the technology in their Lexus:

Can I Have More Than One Tutorial Appointment On My Vehicle? Does It Cost Anything?

Yes! As a Lexus guest, we encourage you to come by anytime to visit one of our three technology specialists at no cost to you. You can also call ahead and make an appointment to secure a spot!

How Do I Pair My Phone?

Using your infotainment system located on your front dashboard – Click your menu button, click setup, find the Bluetooth symbol or name (on newer models it will be located on the left upper corner) from here you can add a new device. You will then need to go into the setting area of your phone – go to your Bluetooth – wait until you see your vehicle name appear on your phones Bluetooth ‘available devices’ list – click device. The phone should pair to vehicle.

How Do I Pair My Homelink to My Garage?

Please note, not all garage door systems are compatible with the Lexus Homelink system and may require additional steps. See video for details.

Where Is My Wheel Lock?

Your vehicle wheel lock can be located either under the rear floor board with your spare tire/flat repair equipment or in your glove box.

How Do I Use Voice Command?

The Lexus voice command can be used for making a phone call, inputting an address/point of interest, changing your radio station or even changing your climate control settings. To engage your voice command press and release the voice command symbol located on your steering wheel. Wait for the beep prompt then give your Lexus a command. If you require additional training or tutorial, you can access the setting option in your infotainment and review your voice command further.

My Voice Command Does Not Understand Me…

Using your infotainment click into your menu then your setup – choose voice command. Located in this menu you will find ‘Train Voice Command’ – from here the voice command system will have you repeat 10 phrases in order to become familiar with the way you pronounce words.

What To Do If My Lexus App is Not Connecting?

We always recommend deleting and re-downloading the Lexus Lifestyle App first to see if the problem resolves its self. If it does not you can connect with your app settings by pressing your SOS button and speaking with an Enform representative. If the problem has not resolved, please reach out to one of our technology specialists to assist you in person!

Can I Turn Lane Trace Assist Off?

Yes! Located on your steering wheel you will see the lane trace symbol that resembles a car leaving a painted lane. The same symbol should be visible on your centre display. Press this button once. The symbol from your centre display will be removed. This is to indicate your Lane Trace Assist system has been turned off. To turn on, simply press the lane trace button again. The symbol will reappear on your centre display.

How Do I Program a Seat Setting?

Simply put your seat, steering wheel and mirrors into your desired position, press the set button then press your preferred seat(1,2 or 3). This will save your seat. You can change it at any point. If your seat is moved, simply press your number, the seat, steering wheel and mirrors will shift back to your saved setting.

How Do I Update My Navigation?

To update your Lexus navigation, you will need to book a service appointment.  Current pricing can be discussed prior to your visit through one of our service representatives.

Can I Adjust My Real Tailgate Height?

Yes! Located within your infotainment, click your menu button, click set up – go into vehicle (newer models will be located on the left-hand side, scroll down to the next page) select vehicle customization – click tailgate – select the level you would like.

If you require further assistance, please reach out to one of our Delivery & Technology Specialists who will be happy to assist you further.