Accessories: Lexus Genuine Towing Hitch

Your Lexus was built to take you places.

Often, that means bringing along more things than you can fit in your vehicle. Whether you are headed to the cabin or going on a road trip, your Lexus genuine towing hitch system gives you worry free towing.

Keep reading to find out more about the exclusive Lexus towing hitch.

All You Need to Know About the Lexus Towing Hitch


Not all towing hitches are the same.

Each Lexus genuine towing hitch is specifically designed and engineered for the model on which it is intended to be installed. This is a key requirement because different vehicle models have different frame structures, engine sizes, and a range of other factors that can impact towing capacity.

The hitch itself is one part of a complete towing system. Lexus ensures that other vehicle components can manage your towing requirements from the engine and transmission, to the oil cooling and electrical systems.

The Lexus genuine towing hitch has been designed to attach to the vehicle in a safe manner and to appropriately distribute the load over the whole vehicle. It has more points of attachment to reduce stress and it integrates with the chassis and body. Pulling and braking stress forces occurring during towing distribute evenly to limit the risk of damage to the vehicle and maintain  towing safely. Designing a hitch that can withstand towing a trailer is critical as is consideration of the load placed on the vehicle’s frame.

No one knows your Lexus better than the company who builds it. The Lexus genuine towing system also comes with a custom wiring harness to help maintain the vehicles integrity. This is important for ensuring seamless tail light and turn signal operations. The wire harness features high-quality plug-in connectors that are designed to fit each specific Lexus model and use their own independent circuit to avoid damaging vehicle components.

When towing on an incline, the Lexus hitch helps avoid the ball mount from scraping on the ground.  Rest assured knowing your towing hitch and all vehicle components have undergone extensive design analysis and testing by Lexus experts.

Lexus genuine towing hitches are also manufactured to Lexus’s strict specifications and undergo a special painting and coating process to help protect and maintain the look of the towing hitch.


Get a Tow Hitch Installed & Experience Lexus VIP Service in Calgary

As your local Lexus dealership in Calgary, we will help ensure you get the right one for your Lexus. Our expert technicians can help with installing the hitch correctly.

Lexus genuine towing hitches are also backed by Lexus 48-month 80,000 kilometer warranty. So whether you hit the road for a short trip or a long haul, your Lexus genuine hitch will give you peace of mind knowing you have the right equipment specifically built for your Lexus.

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