5 Reasons to Fix a Chipped Windshield

Many on our team love to cruise the  outskirts of Calgary in their Lexus. Unfortunately there are times when a stone flies up and cracks a windshield.  Be safe on the road and have those chips repaired during your next service visit.

Fixing a Chipped Windshield in Calgary

There are several reasons to repair your windshield if is becomes chipped from a stone.  Here are the top  five reasons.
1. Obstructs your view – The sun can hit your windshield at just the right angle and  turn an easy to see day into a blinding drive. Add a chip in your windshield and it can become worse with more angles for the sun to hit and reflect. Regardless of the sun, chips can happen anywhere and hinder your view of the road.

2.  Chips can easily spread – Thinking that little chip will be fine for a while? Probably not.  Cracks and chips in your windshield  can easily spread due to increased pressure in the now fragile spot where the stone hit. A small, fixable chip now is a bigger car repair that might need the whole windshield replaced. Spreading also happens during extreme temperatures, something Calgary is very familiar with.

3.  It is a safety concern – Once the chip becomes a crack and spreads, your windshield becomes a safety concern. Windshields are equipped to help support the Lexus frame in the event of an accident. Cracks can become deep and hurt the integrity of the safety layer of resin between the two pieces of glass that make up your windshield.

4. You could be cited for a violation –  Most city traffic laws call for no obstructions in your windows except car visors, rear-view mirrors, and parking or toll tags. You probably will not get pulled over for obstruction of view alone, but  could see it on a ticket if you are pulled over for another reason.

5. Chips are quick to fix and cheap –  If your Lexus’ windshield finds a stone chip, do not worry. You can schedule a service appointment right away or have it fixed if you have an appointment coming up very soon. Let our team know when you schedule your appointment and we can fix the chip right away before it spreads. Chip repair can take around a half hour and is covered upon request with our VIP services for purchasing a Lexus from our dealership.

Calgary Windshield Repair

The next time you find yourself with a chip in your windshield, let the Lexus of Calgary service team fix it. Our complimentary service is available through our VIP services for Lexus of Calgary customers. Feel free to request an appointment for your stone chip repair.