Car of the Week: 2014 Lexus LX 570

The car of the week for this week is a 2014 Lexus LX 570. Unfortunately this vehicle is now sold. See what other used vehicles we have in stock!

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Alyc Keith here with another edition of Car of the Week. Today is Autism Awareness Day, a day that really hits home with me. Light it up blue, I’m wearing the blue suit. I’m very proud to announce that Lexus of Calgary will be making a donation to Calgary Autism and Pace Kids later in the month. So that brings us to our Car of the Week this week. I have a real rare piece for you. It’s a 2014 Lexus LX 570. I took a look and I could only find three of them for sale in all of western Canada. It’s real nice with low kilometers, that just came it. Let’s take a look.

Here’s our Car of the Week, it’s a 2014 Lexus LX 570, it just arrived. It has 53,000 kilometers on it. Comes with two sets of rims and tires. It’s in great shape. I wanted to get word out, because it just landed and it’s probably not gonna last. Let me tell you about some of the exterior features. This vehicle is equipped with 20 inch wheels. As I mentioned before, we do have two sets of these rims and tires. Has the rear seat entertainment system and it comes with the pre-collision system.

We’re inside the Car of the Week and the exact odometer reading is 53,963 kilometers. This is the Lexus flagship for our SUVs, it’s the ultra premium Lexus LX 570. In 2014 it only came in the top package, the ultra premium. It retailed for $100,000. It has everything. I gotta mention the Mark Levinson sound system, 19 speakers, it pounds. More importantly, it has an ice box in here, if you get thirsty while you’re driving. I got a water for your tongue and I got one for Joe. We had such low production quality last week, we upped our game, and now we got two guys shooting this week. For more information on this car, click on the link below. I’ll see you next week.