Car of the Week: 2016 Lexus GS 350

The car of the week for this week is a 2016 Lexus GS 350, Stock #3723A.

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Al Keith: Al Keith here with another addition of Car of the Week. Thanks for tuning in. Last week, we had 5,000 views. You must have missed me over the holidays. And, thankfully, not all 5,000 of you came in for your free Snow Brush or we’d be in real trouble. We have a few Snow Brushes left. We have a real nice treat for you today. We have a very low kilometer GS. Let’s go take a look.

Here is our Car of the Week. It’s a 2016 Lexus GS 350 F-Sport Series 2. This car is pretty much mint condition. It has only 4,000 kilometers on it approximately. This car retailed for over $72,000 back in 2016 and it has a lot of great features. Let me talk about some of the exterior features now.

This vehicle comes equipped with 19-inch aluminum F-Sport alloy wheels. It has a ventilated disc brakes, as well as clearance sensors. Let’s take a look on the inside. We’re inside the Car of the Week and this car is mint. The actual odometer reading is 4,356 kilometers. This thing has everything in it.

It has blind spot monitors, rear cross traffic alert, pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control, heads up display, lane departure alert, and lane keeping assist, and most importantly, Mark Levinson sound system, 17 speakers.

What do we got? A little Milli Vanilli. I don’t know if the camera picked it up, but that was really loud. Great sound system. This thing pounds. One thing we talk about all the time is the Car Proof. This is a clean Car Proof. It’s been bought and serviced here. You can’t go wrong. Huge savings. For more information, click on the link below. I’ll see you next week.

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