Car of the Week: 2016 Lexus CT 200h

The car of the week for this week is a 2016 Lexus CT 200h, Stock #170913A.

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Alyc Keith here with Car of the Week, the first episode of 2018. Happy New Year. I want to thank everyone last year for watching. We had some amazing vehicles last year for Car of the Week and good news for us, the majority of them are all sold so that is great. I want to thank all of the loyal viewers. I have something special for you for the month of January. I am going to give you a Lexus snow brush. Look at this in action, look at the snow. All you have to do is come down, talk to me, look for me at this dealership or you can go to the parts counter but make sure you have to say the magic words, “Car of the Week,” and receive your snow brush.

I’ve got a real nice treat for you today. It is in the delivery bay. Let’s go on inside.

Here we are with our Car of the Week. It is a 2016 Lexus CT. And I bet you didn’t know CT stood for Creative Touring. This car is in amazing shape. It only has 13,000 kilometers approximately on it. It has only been here a few weeks. White on black, it is a real beauty. Let’s take a look inside.

We are inside the car of the week. The precise odometer reading is 13,987. This is an Executive Package. The Executive Package was approximately $42,900 back in 2016. The Executive Package gives you navigation, a backup camera, rain-sensing wipers. It has the regular features such as Bluetooth, the heated seats, and memory seats.

The Car Proof that we talk about every week, it is an accident-free car, it has been bought and serviced here. We have all of the records. This car is in immaculate condition inside and out.

So in closing, that Lexus CT gets 51 miles per gallon in the city. That is phenomenal. Where are you going to get a luxurious car with that kind of gas mileage? Only here at Lexus of Calgary. Thanks so much for tuning in. I look forward to seeing you down here to receive your snow brush. I will see you next week.