Car of the Week: 2007 Lexus LX 470

The car of the week for this week is a 2007 Lexus LX 470, Stock #CON1.

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Alyc Keith here, once again, for the Car of the Week. Happy Canada Day, hope everyone had a great long weekend. Today is Monday, I know a lot of you are still enjoying your weekend, and have the luxury of being off today. I’m in here, filming Car of the Week. Wanted to give you a quick update. Our Car of the Week last week, the 2009 Lexus IS 250 All-Wheel Drive, it’s gone, cross it off your list, it’s burning gas. But I have another classic. I have a 2007 Lexus LX 470. The LX 470 debuted in 1998 and actually was redesigned and remodeled in 2008, so this was the last year of this body style. And here’s a little tidbit for you, bet you didn’t know, the Lexus LX is actually not available, or for sale, in Japan which is where it’s produced. So, pretty interesting to learn that today. Let’s take a look, Teagan, under the hood.

Under the hood of the 2007 Lexus LX 470, you’re looking at a 4.7-liter V8 engine that produces 235 horsepower and 330 pounds of torque. Again, as I mentioned, this was the last year of the 470, so the engine didn’t change in 2008 when it did the complete re-design. Let’s take a look in the car.

Here we are inside the Car of the Week, the 2007 Lexus LX 470. The actual odometer reading is a 127,505 kilometers, which is extremely low for the year. This car back in 2007 had everything, this was ahead of its time, has the Mark Levinson sound system, it had Bluetooth, audio, navigation backup camera. This car back in 2007 retailed for $107,145, to be precise. Speaking of Mark Levinson, there’s a tape deck in here. I had Rap Trax 3 by the door, I was looking forward to bringing that tape into work today and playing it, but I forgot. So I can’t give you a demo on the Mark Levinson on the tape deck. But it also has a CD player, I believe there’s a 6-disk changer in here, multidisk, which is great. Heated and cooled seats, you know, it’s a pretty rare car, you’re not gonna find too many of these, especially around this year, especially with this amount of kilometers. And the CARPROOF, which we talk about every week, this car actually originated out of BC. Has one very small minor claim on it, but it’s a very clean car. It has been through our shop, 130-point mechanical inspection.

This car is not gonna last. For more information on this car click on the link. Thanks for checking us out.