Car of the Week: 2009 Lexus IS 250 AWD

The car of the week for this week is a 2009 Lexus IS 250 AWD, Stock #170619A.

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Alyc Keith here once again for Car of the Week. Thanks for tuning in. Hope everyone had a great weekend. It is super hot out there. Our Car of the Week last week was a convertible, and guess what? It sold on Saturday. Congratulations Carman. Perfect convertible weather today. Also, I wanted to update you the 2015 RX350, which was our Car of the week two weeks ago, but the one you wanted with low kilometers, that one is gone as well. Today we have a 2009 IS250 all-wheel drive. Quick little tidbits about the IS, 2005 was the last year of the IS300 and was replaced with the 250 and the 350. It’s the first time the all-wheel drive was introduced. So this, which was 2006, which was the year after 2005. This is the 2009, so it’s three years into this body style.

Being eight years old, you know, it has a little bit…it has a couple of little nicks here and there, but otherwise it’s in really good shape with pretty good kilometers. It has only 110,000 kilometers on the car approximately. It’s the navigation package, 17 inch wheels. It’s going to have heated seats, as we are going to find out inside, It’s going to have navigation. Before we go inside, let’s take a look under the [inaudible 00:2.07].

It’s hard to believe you are looking under the hood of a 2009 IS250, but you are. It’s in great shape under the hood: 2.5L V6, 204 horsepower, 185 pounds of torque. Battery is on the left hand side offset the driver. Let’s take a look in the cabin.

We are inside the Car of the Week, 2009 IS250 all-wheel drive. The actual odometer reading is actually 111,085 is the kilometers on this car. This car brand new, when it came out in 2009, was approximately $50,000. Leather with moonroof package. Navigation system, backup camera. It had the Bluetooth, so you could answer your phone back in 2009 on your iPhone1. Steering wheel controls, heated seats. It’s in really nice shape inside the car. As I mentioned, there’s a couple of little nicks on the exterior, but this car is in great shape overall that’s why we chose it as Car of the Week. It is at a great price point, and this car is not going to last.

So, for more information click on this link below and we’ll see you next week.