Car of the Week: 2013 Lexus RX 350 F Sport

The car of the week for this week is a 2013 Lexus RX 350 F Sport, Stock #170598A.

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Alyc: Alyc Keith here once again for Car of the Week. It is our 20th episode, believe it or not, and I told you we had something special in store. I’m up here in our dealer principal’s office and our owner, Glen Rumpel. Glen, thanks for taking some time today. I have some questions regarding kind of how the whole business got started here. And, I guess, the first question I have is, Glen, in what year did you find out that you were gonna receive the Lexus franchise and how did you prepare for it?

Glen: It was November of 1989, so one year in advance of actually getting the first product. United States released it in 1989. And, in Canada, we got them in 1990. So, we had a year to prepare for the launch of a brand-new vehicle. It’s not very often that a car dealer gets the opportunity to get involved with a product right from square one and so we were pretty excited about it.

Alyc: Excellent. So, how many models when they first released it and it came out?

Glen: Well, we had the LS 400 which was really the flagship and had an ES 250, but the LS 400 was really the only model that we really truly had to sell.

Alyc: Okay. How many employees would you say when you first started because you were Stampede Toyota then it became Stampede Lexus Toyota?

Glen: Yeah. We were a store in store. We had to build a new showroom and build a service department. Obviously, we didn’t require a lot of service people, because we didn’t have any units in operation out there. I think we started with two technicians, Al Retany [SP] a service manager. We had somebody in parts. I think we had three salespeople, one sales manager, myself. It was a pretty small staff, to begin with, and, you know, we started from there. And, I think we’re…you know, we’ve been as high as maybe 100 employees today.

Alyc: Oh wow, excellent. Last question I have for you, what is your favorite Lexus vehicle and why?

Glen: Well, probably a lot of people might think that the LFA downstairs might be my favorite vehicle and I guess it would be to drive. But I think when I look back I’d have to say the original LS 400. That’s what started this brand. And I guess every brand starts with one product, and in our case, it was the LS 400. And it…I mean it put us on the map. It allowed us to do things in a luxury car market that I don’t think any of the competition thought would happen.

Alyc: Excellent. Glen, really appreciate your time. Thanks, everyone. Let’s go take a look at the Car of the Week. Here we are with the Car of the Week, but before I get into details on this car, I wanted to give you a quick update. Last week, our Car of the Week, the IS 350, 2014, it’s sold and it’s burning gas and, Amber, hope you’re enjoying the car. Thanks so much for the business. And also, we had 2,300 views last week, so thanks for tuning in.

Here’s our Car of the Week this week. It’s a 2015 RX 350. This is the standard package, but you’re gonna find out there’s a lot of options for this vehicle for being a center package. First thing before we go inside, it’s got 19′ wheels, and the tread on them is like brand-new. This car is in great shape. It’s a clean car proof. You’re gonna be blown away when we get inside. Before we get inside let’s take a look under the hood. Under the hood, as you can see, it is in mint condition. It is flawless. You’re looking at 3.5L V6, 270 horsepower, 248 pounds of torque. We’ve looked at a lot of our axis already, so we can get right to the good stuff. Let’s go inside.

Inside this 2015 RX, the odometer reading is 39,198. When this car came out in 2015, this car brand-new was 53,921. And, as mentioned before, there’s a lot of features on this car for being a standard package. We have heated and cooling seats. We have memory seats. We have a backup camera. And what else do we have? Active front headrests. Now, you’re probably like, “What is active front headrest?”

When you’re gonna get into an accident, basically what happens is the seat, when you slam on the brakes, the seat will slightly recline and it will push the headrest forward, bracing you for impact to prevent whiplash. This car is in great shape, low kilometers. As we always talk about, it’s an accident-free, one owner car. Now this car was owned by a guest of ours that lived in BC, and so, it did originate from BC, but the car’s been…we’ve got the Out Of Province here. The car is in great shape. It’s a beauty. For more information on this car, click on the link below and we’ll see you next week.