Car of the Week: 2014 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT

The car of the week for this week is a 2014 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT, Stock #170055A.

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Teagan, I’m over here in our second lounge. Alyc Keith here on “Scan,” for Lexus of Calgary. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m up here today in our second customer lounge. We have two customer lounges. The one that Teagan was just showing downstairs is an area where we have magazines and all of our drinks and good stuff like that. Up here is an area where, if you’re working on a project or you want some quietness, you can come up here and work.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We have a really nice car of the week, and before we get into that, we had 3,000 views from last week. Thanks for everyone for tuning in. And next week, believe it or not, is our 20th episode. So you don’t wanna miss that.

Let’s go take a look at our car of the week. Here we are with our car of the week. It’s a 2014 Lexus IS 350 All-Wheel Drive, Executive F Sport Package in atomic silver on red. Now, I know some of you keeners who are at home are thinking, “Wait a minute, those aren’t the F Sport wheels.” You’re absolutely correct. This car just came in. We are gonna be installing the F Sport factory OEM rims, and those rims will be coming off and going back to the guests. So don’t worry, they’ll have the F Sport rims. Also, you know it’s an F Sport because of the honeycomb grill in the front.

A couple of things I wanted to talk about. This car was bought here and serviced here, which makes for the best pre-owned cars. One thing we do with all of our new cars is we put, on all of them, 3M on the front, on the side of the fender, on the pillars, on the top brow, and also on the handle. So when this car comes in pre-owned, it’s in great shape like it was when it left here out of the showroom when it was new.

Let’s take a look under the hood. Here we are under the hood. You’re looking at a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 306 horsepower that produces 277 pounds of torque. We talked about it a few weeks ago…why the battery is on the left-hand side and pushed to the back. That’s because it offsets the driver and it’s pushed to the back for the weight distribution.

Let’s take a look inside the car. Inside the 2014 IS 350 car of the week. The odometer reading is 36,805 kilometers. That is very low for this 2014. This 2014 executive F Sport Package was $56,000 back when it was brand new. It comes with the Pre-Collision System in the front, blind spot monitors, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and the power rear sunshade. Most importantly, it has a 15-speaker Mark Levinson sound system. We heard Chili Peppers were in town last week. Let’s have a listen.

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Sounds pretty good to me. The car is in great shape. It’s not gonna last. As per usual, we’re talking about an accident-free, one-owner car, clean car proof, bought here, serviced here. For more information, click on this link below, and we’ll see you next week.