Car of the Week: 2016 Lexus NX 200t

The car of the week for this week is a 2016 Lexus NX 200t, Stock #170550A.

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Keith here for “Car of the week.” I hope you liked the Chris Cornell tribute. Last week was the May long weekend and we were short when we were filming. So, I wanted to do a quick little tribute to Chris who passed away recently. Also, speaking of the long weekend, the Lexus Management Team was out at Bear Mountain in Victoria. And apparently, they like watching our “Car of the Week” videos out there. So, thanks to all the staff out there for being such great hosts. We had a great time. Quick update before we get to the car of the week. The 2004 white Lexus SC 430 with super low kilometers is sold and I’m sure the guest who picked it up on Saturday enjoyed having the top down on their new convertible over the weekend. Let’s go take a look at the car of the week.

Here we are with our car of the week. It’s a 2016 Lexus NX. This is the first NX that we’ve done in our car of the week segment. NX stands for Nimble Crossover. This package here is the C package or it’s also known as the luxury package. It’s going to give you the blind spot monitors, which is quite important, rear cross traffic alert and it’s got the front and back sensors. Let’s take a closer look on the inside.

Here in the car of the week, the 2016 NX. You’re not going to believe this, but guess how many kilometers are on this thing. There is 2,598 kilometers only on this luxury package NX. We talked about the blind spot monitors and we talked about the clearing sensors and all that good stuff. On the inside we have…how many speakers do we have in this thing? we have 10 speakers, we got the navigation, we have the backup camera and since we’re doing a little tribute to the late Chris Cornell. Let’s have a little listen to this on our 10 speakers.

Little Spoonman coming at you. So, we talked about the low kilometers, we talked about the luxury package. This car is like brand new and speaking of brand new, this car brand new retailed for $54,000 in the luxury package and on this one you can save almost…almost 10 grand you can save for only a…well 2,500 kilometers approximately. Also accident-free, one owner car. That’s what you get when you come down to Lexus of Calgary. For more information on this car, click on the link below. We’ll see you next week.