Car of the Week: 2014 Lexus IS 350

The car of the week for this week is a 2014 Lexus IS 350, stock #170432A

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Hello everyone, Alyc Keith here once again for Car of the Week. I hope everyone had a great Easter and a great weekend. It was a great weekend except for the terrible officiating that happened Saturday night, but tonight we’re gonna make things right here at home. So a couple of quick updates. We had 2,100 views last week. Thank you so much for everyone who tuned in. I do have a few Flames car flags. If you’re in the area, stop by, I’d love to give you one. And this mural beside me here was done by our very own Casha Richards who’s in our…one of our business managers, so nice job, Casha. We’re getting in the team spirit for tonight’s game. Our car of the week is a 2014 IS 350. Has very low kilometers on it. Let’s go take a look.

Here we are with our car of the week. As you can see, we’re all geared up for tonight’s game. What you’re looking at is the Lexus 2014 IS 350. This just came in. It has extremely low kilometers. I think it has only 26,000 kilometers on it. This is the executive package and it’s the non-F Sport as we talked about in weeks prior. There is an F Sport package available. This is not the F Sport model, but it’s actually the executive package. So we’re gonna have a pre-collision system, lane departure, and also, as usual, we’re gonna listen to the Mark Levinson sound system inside. It’s in great shape. The car just came in. I wanted you to all know about it. And so I do apologize, it does have a cracked windshield. The windshield is being replaced tomorrow but I wanted to get it out today as we shoot our videos on Monday afternoons.

Let’s take a look, Teagan, under the hood of this Lexus IS 350. So what you’re looking at is the 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 306 horsepower with 277 pounds of torque. Look how clean it is. You can eat your dinner off it. The car is in great shape. Also, you’re looking at a lot of sound damping material, we talk about from week to week. That basically makes it very quiet inside the cabin. And we learned last week the battery’s on the left side and pushed to the back to offset the weight of the driver and pushed to the middle to put the weight more in the center of the vehicle. Let’s take a look inside.

We’re inside our car of the week, 2014 IS 350. This vehicle here is the executive package, as we discussed outside. This car, brand new, back in 2014 was $56,671. We talked about the pre-collision, the dynamic radar cruise control, the lane departure which is here. We have paddle shifts, and memory seats, and backup camera and navigation, and the Mark Levinson sound system. Let’s have a little listen. What have we got on our agenda? Oh yeah. That song is dedicated to the Calgary Flames tonight. I got a feeling we’re gonna get on a little winning streak here, so that’s exciting. One thing we always talk about is the CarProofs. You’re probably thinking, how do we obtain a 2014 with only 20,000 and some change kilometers on it? Well, it was traded in here, it was serviced here. It’s accident-free, one owner. Where are you gonna find these cars? Only one place, Lexus of Calgary. Thanks or tuning in. For more information, click on the link below. Make sure you check us out next week, we have a very special guest. Have a great week.