Car of the Week: 2015 Lexus RC F

The car of the week for this week is a 2015 Lexus RC F, Stock # 3632A.

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Alyc: Hi everyone, Alyc Keith here once again for Car of the Week. You might think I’m here in a library, but believe it or not, I’m sitting here in our service lounge here at Lexus of Calgary. Got a great selection of magazines to read while you’re in here waiting for your car. Hope everyone had a great weekend. The car show was a success. A lotta people tuned into our video last week, almost 3,000 people. Thank you for watching, great turnout. Quick update for you as well, our car of the week, it was voted about a month ago, was a 2015 RCF. That vehicle is now sold. I knew once the snow melted, that car wouldn’t last very long. What else to recap? Calgary Flames are on fire. Bryan Elliott ties Mike Vernon’s record yesterday, so that was awesome, it was a great weekend. We’re gonna do a quick promotion before I get to the car of the week this week. I have right here…where is it? Here we go. I have a Reflections cleaning kit. Since it’s the first day of spring, people might wanna start cleaning their cars, so here’s what we got in here, we have a wash and shine soap, multi-purpose cleaner, leather conditioner, glass cleaner. We have 25 of these Lexus cleaners to give away, all you have to do is like our Lexus of Calgary Facebook page, and please share this video. And then come on down, and come to the parts department, and you met Lance a few weeks ago, he’s on vacation, that’s why I’m giving ’em away. So come on down, see them, they’ll take care of you, and pick this up. Let’s go take a look at our car of the week. We have another 2015 RCF…

Here we are, first day of spring, sun is shining down, and this is the car of the week. This is a 2015 RCF. This is the second time we’ve done an RCF in our segment. This one is the Performance package. It’s a little different. It has more options that the previous RCF had. What a color. This is infrared. We’re gonna talk a little more about that later. Some of the main features that pop out on this vehicle are the carbon fiber roof and the carbon fiber spoiler. Low kilometers again on this vehicle, and we’re gonna bring in Scott France to talk a little more about what the Performance package has. I’m here with Scott France. Scott France has been with our company since what, 2010, Scott?

Scott: 2010 on another March spring day.

Alyc: Right on. that’s a lot of experience he brings. Scott’s gonna talk a little about the Performance package in a little more detail. Scott, take it over.

Scott: Thanks very much, Alyc. Performance package as mentioned, carbon fiber roof, the benefit of that it’s a lighter weight. We’ve deleted the sunroof, provides a lower center of gravity which also means a better performance and handling operation. Alyc mentioned the rear wing spoiler, it automatically deploys at speeds above 80 kilometers an hour, generating downforce that also aids performance. Another performance item is a torque vectoring rear differential, and what that really means is we can put it in three drive modes to improve stability, handling, and performance. So there’s the standard mode, the slalom mode, and the track mode. On the front wheels, you can see a little different, unique forged aluminum 19-inch wheel. We talked about carbon fiber on the roof and the spoiler, there’s also carbon fiber bits and pieces in the interior for the trim. The final item that is not much performance but certainly is wonderful to look at is the paint. This is called infrared, so it’s a multi-stage paint process that has the undercoating, the primer, then we apply liquid silver paint, to that we put this beautiful candy apple red, and on top of that, the clear coat. So it’s really stunning on such a bright sunny day. Alyc, I think that pretty well wraps up the performance side of things.

Alyc: Okay. Here’s under the hood of this 2015 RCF. You’re looking at a 5-liter V8 engine that produces 467 horsepower with 389 pounds of torque. If we do look at the rear, there is a quad outlet tailpipes on this vehicle, also the transmission is an eight-speed sport direct shift automatic with paddle shifter transmission. Large diameter front ventilated disc brakes and rear ventilated discs are found on this model. Let’s take a look on the inside.

Here we are inside this stunning infrared 2015 RCF. Let’s start with the kilometers, Teagan. Teagan, the kilometers on this car are 19,773 kilometers only. And the one thing we’re always proud of is our CARPROOF accident-free, one-owner car, this car was bought here, serviced here, it was looked after. I can tell you the previous owner waxed this car every week, and that is no story, that is the truth. This thing’s been very well kept. Eight-speed paddle shift which we already talked about when we were on the outside. This car, if you wanted to come and buy this car brand new, it’s gonna be $96,000 to buy this car brand new. For this one, with only a few kilometers on it, switch the numbers around, 69,000 for this vehicle. This car is not gonna last, it’s got the Mark Levinson sound system, 17 speakers. What do we usually do, Teagan, let’s have a listen. Oh there it is. The lights keep coming at you.

Anyways, for more information on this vehicle, click on the link below. I look forward to you seeing in the store to get…pick up those cleaning kits. Have a great week, we’ll see you next week.