Car of the Week: 2014 Lexus CT 200h

The car of the week for this week is a 2014 Lexus CT 200h, stock #3586A.
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Alyc: Alyc Keith here once again for Car of the Week here with Lexus of Calgary. Today I’m in the parts department. I wanted to introduce you to our parts manager today, he brings a lot of experience to our team. And before we get to the Car of the Week, I want you to come on back, we’re gonna meet Lance Bristol. A few weeks ago we met, our service manager who brought a lot of experience to the table, and today I wanted to introduce Lance, our parts manager. Lance brings actually even more experience. I think he’s back here working. Let’s take a look.

Lance: Hi, Alyc. Yeah, hi. I’m Lance Bristol. I’m the parts manager. I started back in November 1987 with Stampede Toyota. That was…it was two years prior to Lexus even being launched in Canada. And if you need help with any parts or tires, just so you know, we do tire price matching with all the competitors, and if you need help with any of that, just give me a call. Alyc is gonna talk about the Car of the Week now.

Alyc: Here’s our Car of the Week. It’s a Lexus CT. It’s a 2014. This is in very good shape with low kilometers. The CT stands for Creative Touring, and this is the first hybrid that we’ve actually covered on Car of the Week. The definition of a hybrid is a vehicle that has one…more than one power source. So this has an electric engine as well as a gas engine, and we’ll talk a little more about that when we look under the hood. Also a little tidbit about hybrid technology, as the Lexus sold their one millionth hybrid vehicle in March of 2016. So it was a pretty big milestone for the company.

This is the Touring Package, so a couple features you get with the Touring Package is you’re gonna get the 17 inch rims and tires, you’re gonna get the moon roof as well, you’re gonna get the LED headlamps and fog lights. Let’s take a closer look inside, but first let’s look… Here we are under the hood on the 2014 Lexus CT. So what you’re looking at right now is 1.8 liter four cylinder engine. And also by the orange plug there is the electric engine which is underneath there. Both produce a horsepower of 134 horsepower. This is the same engine that’s used in the Prius. And the fuel economy on this is phenomenal. You’re gonna get 63 miles per gallon in the city. Let’s take a look inside the cab.

Okay, we’re inside the 2014 CT. The odometer reading is 66,135 kilometers. When this car came out in 2014, the Touring Package, it retailed for $36,971. So the nice thing about the car is it’s pretty straightforward. We have leather seats. Heated seats. We have a moon roof. If you look up front here, Teegan, this appears to be navigation, but it’s not. You can put a storage container. This package does not come with nav, however, you have a phone holder right here. And as we all know, the navigation on our iPhones and smart phones are pretty good these days. So you can have…you have that up there. What else is there to talk about? Steering wheel controls. I get asked a lot, is this an all-wheel-drive? This is not an all-wheel-drive car. But I tell you it has traction control, vehicle skid control. With a good set of winter tires, this is a great car to drive in the winter and drive all year round. It’s a great commuter. This car is not gonna last. Thanks for checking out our video and we’ll see you next week.