Car of the Week: 2015 Lexus RC 350

The car of the week for this week is a 2015 Lexus RC 350, stock #3624A.

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Alyc: Hi everyone. Alyc Keith here once again with Lexus of Calgary. Today I’m up here in our beautiful board room. Today we’re doing our segment once again, Car of the Week. Quick update — our car of the week last week, the Lexus GX, has been sold. We are not a museum. Things don’t last here. Currently, we are in quite the deep freeze. Big blizzard in Calgary today. I have a vehicle hopefully will get us excited for Spring. Spring’s coming around the corner. I have a 2015 RC 350 all-wheel drive. Let’s go check it out.

Hi everyone. This is our car of the week. It’s a 2015 RC 350 all-wheel drive. This is the top package that came out in 2015. It’s an F Sport Series 2. This package is going to give you the pre-collision system which is in the front. We talked about that a few weeks ago. It has the intuitive park assist. It’s going to have 19-inch rims and tires. It’s going to have the Mark Levinson sound system inside. And I believe this car retailed for around $63,800 when it came out. I’ve had a few requests from some of the viewers at home to look under the hood, so let’s look under the hood. We’re going to open it up.

Okay, here’s under the hood. It’s a 3.5 liter V6 with 307 horsepower that produces 276 pounds of torque. As you can see extremely clean. It’s pretty much mint underneath there. Not much to see. There’s a lot of sound-dampening material used on these vehicles to make it a very quiet experience inside the cabin. But beautiful vehicle under the hood. Let’s take a look inside.

Okay, we’re inside this beautiful 2015 RC 350 all-wheel drive. The odometer reading is 22,705 kilometers, so not a lot of kilometers on here. One thing we talk about every week, which I have right here, is the car proof. Accident-free, one-owner car. This is the type of pre-owned car you want to own. So that is great. We talked about the pre-collision system. That’s something that comes on the F Sport Series 2. One thing that kind of ties with it is the pre-tensioner seatbelts. So what’ll happen is, when the car senses you’re going to be in an accident, the seat actually will start tilting back, and it will tighten your seatbelt. In case you do get in a collision and the airbag deploys, it’s a safety feature, so it’s a great feature to have which comes on this model. Again, we talk about the Mark Levinson sound system every week. There are 17 speakers inside this vehicle. Small car, and I can tell you the stereo sounds amazing. Let’s have a listen. There we go. So some good stuff there. One thing we haven’t talked about in any segments before is the Siri system. So Siri’s built in here. So you’re driving and you have a question for Siri, you want to know the weather, you want to ask it to play a song. Let’s try it out. I’m going to hold this down. Siri, who one the Super Bowl yesterday?

Siri: The Patriots won a close game in overtime against the Falcons in the Super Bowl yesterday. The final score was 34 to 28.

Alyc: Interesting. Good to know. I don’t know if you guys heard that, but the Patriots won the Super Bowl yesterday. I can tell you that the owner of our store is extremely happy, so congratulations, Glen, on your team winning. Basically that sums up the car. We have the navigation, we have the back-up, we have the intuitive park assist. This vehicle is not going to last long. And unfortunately I will not be with you next week for Car of the Week, as I’ll be thinking about you all in Mexico, but I will see you on the 20th.